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Shrink Wrap Machine Demonstrations

Demo a shrink wrap machine before buying. Be sure the machine will meet the demands of your product and business. U.S. Packaging & Wrapping offers multiple options to demo shrink wrap machines prior to purchasing.

When to Buy Packaging Supplies Locally vs Online

Buying packaging supplies from the right source can save companies thousands of dollars annually. Knowing when to buy local versus online can increase bottom lines.

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Stretch Wrap Machine

Answering 3 simple questions can help save major headaches after making a stretch wrap machine purchase. Stretch wrap machines are large and heavy machines that often cost several hundreds of dollars in freight charges. Understanding what to look for before purchasing from any company will reduce future problems.

3 Ways To Ensure You Are Buying the Right Shrink Wrap

Do not purchase shrink wrap without knowing 3 ways to be sure you are buying the right product. Not all shrink wrap is created equal. Buy the right product the first time!

Bag Sealers - Read Before Buying!

Bag sealers come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and costs. Do not purchase the wrong sealer. Read out bag sealer guide to determine which bag sealer is right for your application.

3 Reasons the Pack Expo Continues to Grow

The annual Pack Expo continues to draw thousands of people each year. Find out what keeps exhibitors and attendees coming back, and the benefits the show provides.

How to Professionally Package Bath Bombs

Easily and efficiently package bath bombs with the right materials and machines. Fully Enclosing bath bombs will hep protect the product while on store shelves. Find out pricing and the right materials for a professionally packaged product.

What is Shrink Wrap?

What is shrink wrap? Many different products are called shrink wrap, but what is shrink wrap and what is it made out of? Find out how to use shrink wrap, what it is, and what it is made of.

Difference Between Centerfold Shrink Wrap and Shrink Tubing!

Centerfold shirnk wrap is only one form of shrink packaging. Shrink film comes in four major forms, find out which one is best for your products.

Rotating Shrink Wrap Machine Images

View full 360 degree shrink machine images. The new 360 degree view images are the first part of our interactive showroom expected to be live online by fall of 2017.

Commercial Laundry Table and Film

Commercial laundry wrapping tables and films are used in commercial laundromats, hospitals, and other establishments around the world. Find out the advantages of laundry wrapping and what films best suit different wrapping needs.

American Made Shrink Machines and Tunnels

Shop a full line of American made shrink wrap machines and tunnels! View the different machines and models available at U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. and estimated lead times.

The New American Made T2016 Shrink Tunnel

The Heatsealco T2016 shrink tunnel is a 110V tabletop shrink tunnel made to shrink wrap a large variety of products. Find out special savings and promotions on this American Made Line! 

Wearable Shrink Wrap Machine Parts

Understand common wearable shrink wrap machine parts before purchasing a machine. Knowing a base cost for wearable parts offers machine owners the ability to properly forecast operational expenses.

Shrink Wrap Machine Testing

Test a shrink wrap machine and shrink film thickness prior to buying it. Customers simply send products to our location and tell us what they would like the end product to look like and we fit it to the proper machine.

What's New at U.S. Packaging & Wrapping For 2017

For the new year, U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. has several changes that are in the works. Find out what the new year has in store for the company.

A Guide to Stretch Wrap Thickness

Find out the right stretch film for your products. The right stretch film can reduce product loss and long term stretch film cost. Use the chart to determine which stretch film is right for your application.

When Pallet Top Sheeting is a Must-Have!

An investment of less than $.50 can save companies thousands of dollars from product loss. Pallet top sheeting is easily applied and can be a must-have for some applications.

Vacuum Packaging vs. Shrink Wrapping

When determining the best form of packaging for a product, do not be confused between vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping. Both forms of packaging are great ways to protect products when used properly. Find out the differences between the two.

The Ultimate Seller's Guide To Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy Packaging!

Understanding the packaging options available for different products helps to ensure customers will receive an undamaged product upon arrival. Any seller using Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy should thoroughly consider packaging guidelines and options when selling. Use this guide to save money and help ensure customers receive undamaged products.

Search Engines Do Not Know What Shrink Wrap Is

One of the most frustrating things about searching for information online is not being able to find what you are looking for. Sometimes specific information is hard to find online, but high traffic search terms should be easy to find what is needed. The search term "shrink wrap" is a common term that should display the right product.

What is Cross Linked Shrink Film?

Cross linking polymers is a method of linking one polymer chain to another. A variety of different polymers are often cross linked to perform different functions. Find out how cross linking is achieved and specific advantages of cross linked film. 

A Beginner's Guide to Meat Packaging

Meat packaging is a multi-billion dollar industry with a large variety of machines and materials used throughout the supply chain. This is a general information article about the meat packaging industry. An excellent source for companies wanting to learn more about the process and industry.

New Shrink Wrap Machine Demo Videos

Each one of the machines featured in our new demo videos are intended for medium to high shrink wrapping output. The videos offer a great guide for pre-purchase questions.

8 Signs You Should Invest in a Stretch Wrap Machine

Identifing signs for the need of a stretch wrap machine can help save companies money in the long term. Find out key signs that indicate the need of a stretch wrap machine.

5 Reasons Wise Packaging Investments Can Pay Off in the Long Run

Initial investment costs when dealing with packaging materials or machines can often be costly and overwhelming. Making a wise decision on those investments can often save the business money in the long run.

8 Christmas Packaging Fun Facts

Christmas is the most commercialized holiday in the world. Companies make billions of dollars every Christmas season. Packaging is often used to help marketing campaigns, but can also add to the waste during the holiday season. Read some fun facts about packaging and the Christmas season.

3 Packaging Inventions to be Thankful For

During this season of giving thanks for the blessings in life, consider being thankful for packaging advancements. Never thought of that eh? Packaging advancements have greatly improved the quality of life for people around the world. In fact, certain forms of packaging enable the traditional Thanksgiving meal as we know it.

2000BWS Stretch Wrap Machine with Scale

A stretch wrap machine with a scale can save companies time and money. The ability to weigh pallet loads with a built-in scale enables operators to quickly weigh loads and begin wrapping in one motion.

Easy Way To Test Stretch Film Stretch Rate

With a few basic supplies and ten minutes of time, users can test the stretch rate of stretch film. Obtaining an ideal stretch rate can save companies money and reduce film costs. Follow these simple steps to find out the rate of stretch film stretchability.

8 Benefits of Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging can be an excellent form of packaging for a variety of consumable and non-consumable products. Find out the benefits of vacuum packaging and how it can save products, money, and increase the bottom line.

10 Shrink Wrap Life Hacks

Shrink wrap can be used for more that retail and industrial packaging. Use these shrink wrap life hacks to store items, keep food longer, reduce energy bills, and even produce professional looking CDs. Most shrink wrap life hacks can be done with minimal investment.

Stretch Wrap Machine Upgrades

For some pallet loads, standard stretch wrap machines do not offer what is needed to correctly wrap and secure the load. A variety of available stretch wrap machine upgrade can correct wrapping issues and ensure secured loads.

Shrink Wrap Machine Video Library

View a video library of shrink wrap machines for beginners up to high-output operations. Find out how shrink wrapping works and how small companies can begin shrink wrapping with minimal start-up costs!

Stretch Wrap Machine Safety Guidelines

Stretch wrap machine safety guidelines for a variety of turntable stretch wrap machines. Excellent information for employee training and meetings. Find general safety guidelines for transportation, installation, operation, and maintenance.

The Stretch Wrap Machine Advantage

With the right amount of product volume, companies can make a good investment with the purchase of a stretch wrap machine. Stretch wrap machines can reduce product loss, reduce worker fatigue, and increase film efficiency. Find out why a stretch wrap machine may be right for your location.

Impulse Sealer Heat Settings

Impulse sealers are an excellent option for companies beginning to package products. Impulse sealers are capable of wrapping several product per day. Finding the right heat settings for the sealer allows sealing wires to last longer and sealing to be more efficient.

How Many Products Can a Shrink Tunnel Package?

Shrink tunnels can increase packaging efficiency and decrease worker fatigue. The proper shrink tunnels can quickly and easily shrink wrap package a variety of products. Determining the proper shrink tunnel speed and heat settings can ensure professional look packages with minimal effort.

Product Packaging Ideas Using Flexible Packaging

View Different product packaging ideas for a variety of products. Flexible packaging offers an affordable packaging solution to a variety of products. The use of the proper flexible packaging material can present a professional packaging at an affordable cost. 

What is 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap?

Anyone familiar with stretch wrap or stretch wrappping has heard the term 80 gauge stretch wrap. By far the most common film within the stretch wrap industry, 80 gauge stretch film can have a variety of meanings.

What Shrink Wrap Machine is Best For Your Business?

Find out what shrink wrap machine is best for your business. Shrink wrapping is an inexpensive, yet professional way for companies to package a variety of products. Using the proper machine can save businesses time and money.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping 2015 and Beyond

Find out up coming developments for U.S. Packaging & Wrapping in 2015! New product offerings, new product demos and tutorials, as well as several other planned events in 2015.

All Shrink Wrap Machines are Not Created Equal

The variety of shrink wrap machines on the market vary substantially. There are shrink wrap machines available online that look exactly the same, but durability and performance are drastically different.

Bundling Stretch Film Uses and Applications

Bundling stretch film is an excellent option for a variety of applications across multiple industries. Find out common uses of bundling stretch film and if it will meet your needs.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Reference Guide

The shrink wrap packaging reference guide is a complete guide of references and resources for shrink wrap packaging! Find out if shrink wrap will work for your products, view start-up costs, and more!

Food Packaging With Polyolefin Shrink Film

Polyolefin shrink film is FDA approved for direct food contact and an excellent option for packaging a variety of products! Companies can often package food product for pennies when using polyolefin shrink film!

Stretch Wrap Savings - Save Money on Stretch Film Costs!

Save money on stretch film costs by ordering in bulk and down gauging. By sampling different film, companies can substantially save on stretch wrap costs throughout the year.

Consumer Packaging No-No's

Consumer packaging is an important part of the marketing process. Packaging is often a product's first impression to customers. Find out what customers overwhelmingly dislike about product packaging.

Stretch Wrap Technical Data

View technical data for all stretch film products we offer. This post includes all technical data for hand and machine stretch film rolls, anti static film rolls, colored stretch film rolls, vented stretch film rolls, and hybrid stretch film.

Shrink Wrapping Machine Cost

Find out how much shrink wrap machines cost. Learn about the cost for a beginners shrink wrap machine up to a high speed fully automatic shrink wrap machine. Read about the benefits of each machine and how to determine what type you need.

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