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Packaging Tape

Clear 3M packaging tape for hand application is available in different thicknesses and widths. When used with a tape dispenser, quickly seal boxes and packages for shipping. Rolls without a built-in dispenser come on a three-inch core.

3m Tartan Tape
3M Tartan 305 Packing Tape

Thicker than Tartan 302!

$79.11 - $105.20
BOPP Packing Tape
Bopp Packing Tape

Strong Acrylic Based Tape!

Tartan 369 Packing Tape
Tartan 369 Packing Tape

Clear & Tan!

$96.81 - $97.22
3m Scotch 371 Packing Tape
3M Scotch 371 Box Sealing/Packing Tape

Versatile and strong!

3m Scotch 372 Packing Tape
3M Scotch 372 Box Sealing/Packing Tape

Stronger than Scotch 371!

$351.25 - $407.65
Scotch 375 Packing Tape
3M Scotch 375 Box Sealing/Packing Tape

Stronger than Scotch 372!

$352.33 - $391.65
Reinforced Water Activated Tmb
Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Water Activated!

$65.80 - $111.00

Packaging Tape Information

Packaging tape is a crucial part of many packaging operations. Our packaging tape is offered in clear and tan colors. The packing tapes listed are intended to cover a variety of box sizes and shapes. For a detailed chart of recommended packing tapes, visit our packing tape library.

We offer 3M Scotch brand packaging tapes which are considered premium packaging tapes. Scotch brand packaging tapes are known around the world for their superior quality and adhesiveness. All of the Scotch packaging tapes we offer online come in both a 2 inch wide and a 3 inch wide packaging tape. The packing tape library mentioned above details each tape and ideal uses for each one.

Another 3M brand we offer is the Tartan line of packaging tape. Tartan 3M packaging tape is considered an economy packaging tape. It is a great alternative tape to the Scotch line of packaging tapes while still offering 3M quality. The Tartan tapes we offer online range from 1.6 mil to 1.8 mil in thickness. They are ideal for a variety of packaging situations.

Our new BOPP packaging tape is made from acrylic water-based adhesives providing a strong seal at an affordable price. Available in clear two and three inch widths, it is a great option for sealing light to medium weight boxes.   

If you have any questions about any of our packing tape, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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