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Plastic Wrap For Food

Foodservice plastic wrap in larger rolls for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Shop multiple roll sizes of transparent cling film for direct food contact. Perforated easy-tear cling and shrink sheets are available—all you need to wrap food tightly and securely.

Perforated All Purpose Plastic Wrap
Perforated All Purpose Plastic Wrap

35 Ga. Perforated Sheets

$23.03 - $51.77
Perforated All Purpose Shrink Rolls
Perforated All Purpose Shrink Rolls

35 Ga. Perforated Sheets

$39.96 - $84.96
Wrapmaster Plastic Wrap Refills (thumb)
Wrapmaster Plastic Wrap Refills

Easy to Change Refills!

$30.66 - $45.43
Wrapmaster Dispenser
Wrapmaster Dispenser

Concealed blade for safety!

$49.59 - $61.99
Cheese Film Sheets tmb
Cheese Film Sheets


$78.50 - $182.58

Plastic Wrap Information

Plastic wrap is a generic term commonly used to describe a variety of flexible packaging products. Stretch film for pallets is often referred to as plastic wrap as well heat shrink wrap and many other packaging products. For food packaging, plastic wrap is often called Saran Wrap. Saran is a brand name that is often used for home use.

A common roll of food plastic wrap found in most homes is 75 ft. long. All of our rolls are for commercial use and begin at 1000 ft. in length. All food plastic wrap rolls we offer are a standard 35 ga. thickness and FDA approved for direct food contact. Our plastic wrap is a quality food wrap comparable to brands like saran wrap and Reynolds wrap. We offer plastic wrap with cutterbox, plastic wrap with slide cutter, and perforated plastic wrap. There are a variety of widths for each type of wrap available.

*Plastic Wrap With Cutterbox- A commercial grade plastic wrap ideal for use in restaurant kitchens, bakeries, and deli's. Rolls range in length from 1000 feet to 3000 feet. The plastic wrap with cutterbox rolls ranges in width from 12 inches to 24 inches. It provides an excellent cling and is comparable in quality to any food wrap offered on the market.

Plastic wrap with cutterbox

*Plastic Wrap With Slide Cutter- Same as the rolls in the cutterbox. The difference between the two is the slide cutter box is safer and easier to use.  The slide cutter boxes are more expensive, but a better investment when safety and efficiency are important. Slide cutter box rolls range in width from 12 to 24 inches. All rolls that come with the slide cutter are 2000 feet in length.

Plastic wrap with slide cutter

*Perforated Plastic Wrap- Perforated rolls are often preferred because of the ability to remove a plastic sheet of the exact size each time. We also offer a perforated shrink wrap roll that is great for wrapping a variety of products then applying heat to allow the film to conform to the product being wrapped. Be sure to check out our single tier dispensers for perforated plastic wrap or perforated shrink wrap rolls. We sell our perforated wrap to a variety of industries, including hair salons, printing companies, restaurants, and delis. Our perforated plastic wrap rolls off superior cling and an affordable price.

Perforated plastic wrap

*Wrapmaster Plastic Wrap- The wrapmaster plastic wrap refill rolls are made to fit the commercial wrapmaster dispensers we sell. They are an excellent way to quickly and easily cut and dispense plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Rolls are available in 12 and 18 inch widths.

For more information about food plastic wrap products view our Plastic Wrap 101 page. For custom quotes and quantity quotes, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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