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Shrink Wrapping Combo Systems

An L bar sealer + heat shrink tunnel to package thousands of products daily. Shrink wrapping combo systems are available in 110 and 220 volt power supplies. Use a centerfold polyolefin shrink film for best results.

Shrink Wrap Combo System Information

Shrink wrapping machine combo systems offer efficiency and ease of use when shrink wrapping a variety of objects. Each system comes with an L-Bar sealer, shrink tunnel, film rack, work table, and auto film discharge.

The auto film discharge is a conveyor under the L-Bar sealer that feeds the product directly into the shrink tunnel once the seal is complete. View the video to the right for further clarification.

The main difference between each shrink wrapping combo system is the sealer size and shrink tunnel size. All systems come with a 1-year warranty on all parts. Shrink combo systems ship via motor freight and require a loading dock or forklift available at the delivery location. See below for a brief description of each machine.

HS-HSE100 Shrink Combo System - The American made HSE100 shrink wrapping combo system is available in a tabletop model or stand-alone model. The tabletop model is perfect for companies limited on space, but require higher packaging output. The stand-alone model comes with legs and locking casters for a mobile working area that can easily be moved between areas.

The HSE100 comes standard with a magnetic hold-down and takeaway conveyor for smooth hands-free tunnel transition. The tunnel on the HSE100 comes standard with a mesh belt that is ideal for wrapping a variety of products large and small. Easy-to-use analog controls ensure quick temperature and speed settings between products. All HSE100 models come with a one year warranty on parts.

HS-HSE100 Shrink Combo System 360 View

TL-1519 ECMC Shrink Combo System - 1519 is a perfect starter machine for small to medium output operations. The sealing dimensions of the 1519 shrink system are 15"x19". The 1519 machine is available in both 110v or 220v. The advantage of the 1519 over the 1622 combo is the sealer and tunnel are both the same machine with one plug-in.

The 1519 shrink combo features magnetic hold down, discharge conveyor, roller rod conveyor, recirculating air chamber, belt speed of 0-60 FPM, digital temp. control, micro knife sealing blade. Average products per minute for the 1519 ECMC are 8-12 products per minute, depending on product size and film used.

Roatating Shrink Combo System

TL-1622 MK Shrink Combo System - The 1622 MK shrink combo system is an excellent sealer for wrapping several thousands of products per week. The sealing dimensions of the 1622 MK are 16"x22". The 1622 MK features everything the 1519 does with faster speed and a required 220v motor. The sealer and tunnel on the 1622 MK are separate and require two 220V outlets.

The 1622 MK can seal and shrink 12-18 products per minute, depending on the product size and film used. Call for inventory and freight quotes on the 1519 and 1622 shrink combo systems.

For more information detailing the operation and available features on a shrink combo system, read our blog post titled 'What is a Shrink Combo System.'

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