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Chamber Vacuum Sealer
chamber vacuum sealer
$5,886.00 - $6,267.00
Vacuum Sealer with Gas Purge
vacuum sealer w/gas purge
$2,720.00 - $7,952.00
Self Contained Vacuum Sealer
self contained vacuum sealer
$3,264.00 - $4,355.00
Vacuum Sealer Options
vacuum sealer options
$95.00 - $985.00

Vacuum Sealers

Standard Vacuum Sealers and Gas Purge

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Vacuum Sealer Information

How do vacuum sealers make food last longer?

1. Reduced oxygen content within the vacuum package slows down food break down. Most oxygen can be removed by creating a vacuum within the package.

2. Vacuum bags are made from poly woven materials to keep oxygen from permeating through the package. Standard poly bags will not hold a vacuum.

3. After oxygen is removed from the package, an air tight seal is made. The seal is important to ensure the package will continue to hold a vacuum during storage.

Vacuum Sealers 

A vacuum sealer is a machine designed to remove oxygen from a package. After air is removed, heat is used to seal off the package. Vacuum sealers can come in a variety of different forms and offer different features. Most all vacuum sealers offer the basic function of removing oxygen and sealing open packages.

A vacuum sealer is important to any vacuum packaging operation. The right vacuum sealer will enable the desired efficiency and packaging settings to meet the needs of each specific goal. The products being wrapped will help determine the type of vacuum sealer needed.

The sealers we offer are vacuum sealers, vacuum sealers with gas purge, and self contained vacuum sealers. Each vacuum sealer is Made in American and designed for commercial use. View the description of each below to find which machine is right for you.

All of our vacuum sealers work with any vacuum bag up to an 8 mil thickness. Unlike many units that require a channeled bag. All vacuum sealers use an external compressor to remove air from the package. The required compressor should have a 15 gallon tank or larger. The normal required PSI is 90-115.

Vacuum sealers with external compressors last longer because the compressor is easy to replace when external from the machine. All vacuum sealers available are capable of running 24/7 and sealing up to 360 packages per hour.

Desired settings for a standard 3 to 4 mil vacuum bag is a 3 second seal time with a 6 second cool time. Seal settings can be adjusted depending on the thickness of bags being used. An oxygen gauge on the machine allows users to monitor the amount of oxygen left in the bag. To obtain modified atmosphere packaging a vacuum sealer with gas purge is the best option. View the description below for vacuum sealers with gas purge.

Vacuum Sealers with Gas Purge

Vacuum sealers with gas purge enable users to introduce a gas mixture into the vacuum bag. The gas mixture is often an inert gas such as nitrogen. Gas purge is most often found in food packaging applications.The sealer removes oxygen from the package in inserts nitrogen to prolong the shelf life of the product being packaged. Depending on the product being packaged and the proper modified atmosphere within the package, shelf life can be prolonged 2 to 10 times longer.

All vacuum sealers with gas purge offer the same qualities as vacuum sealers with external compressors. A strong and sturdy sealing bar enables sealing of vacuum bags up to an 8 mil thickness. The main difference between the two sealers is the vacuum sealer with gas purge is hooked up to two external tanks. One tank is the air compressor with at least a 15 gallon tank and the other is a bottle of inert gas, which is commonly nitrogen. Nitrogen bottles can be found at any local welding supply store.

Self Contained Vacuum Sealers

Self contained vacuum sealers come with built in compressors for removing air and a gas flush option. The advantage of the self contained vacuum sealers is an all-in-one unit to save space. All self contained sealers offer the same sealing power and speed as the sealer with external compressors and purge. The only drawback to self contained units is the life of the unit does not typically last as long.

If you have any questions about the vacuum sealers we offer, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090, click on the live chat button, or visit our vacuum packing 101 page. Our sales staff would be happy to assist you.


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