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PVC Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing

Clear PVC shrink tubing is available in a 100 gauge/1 mil thickness. Package long items with a shrink tube closed on two sides. Tubing is preferred for wrapping molding, wood products, and bundling longer items.

PVC Shrink Wrap Tubing
Shrink Tubing

Make any length shrink bag!

$34.18 - $203.10
Poly Tubing Dispensers (thumb)
Poly Tubing Dispensers


$60.64 - $72.24

PVC Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing Information

PVC shrink tubing is a continuous roll of lay-flat PVC shrink tubing. The circumference of the tubing can be found by multiplying the width by two. PVC is short for Poly Vinyl Chloride, one of the most common forms of shrink wrap. When the tubing is cut into pre-cut sleeves, they are often referred to as shrink sleeves. Shrink tubing is an excellent option for wrapping long cylindrical products. The two open ends of the tubing can be sealed or left open.

PVC Shrink tubing is a perfect option when wrapping products of the same circumference, but differing lengths. Shrink wrap tubing can, at times, be used in place of shrink wrap bags. We carry 100 gauge shrink tubing, a flexible and durable shrink wrap tubing good for a variety of products in almost any industry.

*Cost advantage- Instead of buying multiple sizes of shrink wrap bags, PVC shrink wrap tubing can be used. The user only needs to adjust the length per the product to fit accordingly. PVC shrink tubing is less expensive than Polyolefin shrink tubing but is just as durable. We offer shrink wrap tubing at 2.3 cents per ft. for 4-inch widths, up to 28 inches in length for 30 cents per ft. for PVC shrink tubing. Shrink wrap tubing rolls come in 250 to 1500 ft. length; cost is determined by roll width and length.

*Protection- shrink tubing can loosely slide around products to prepare for shrinking. Once the heat is applied to the tubing, it will tightly conform to the products securing them in place. The PVC shrink tubing shrinks up to 40% in all directions. The product is kept secure from dust, moisture, and tampering. Multiple items bundled together in PVC shrink tubing will stay together during transport. Beauty care products, among other products, can be grouped with PVC shrink tubing, so the products do not jostle loose in transport.

*Shrinking & Sealing- PVC shrink tubing can be used with I-bar or L-bar sealers. From sealing electrical wires, candles, or mason jars, shrink wrap tubing is an ideal packaging solution to consider. Since our shrink tubing is made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), it is not recommended for consumable products, and should only be used as secondary packaging.

The market today has begun to use shrink wrap tubing in PC molding. To tidy up computer interiors, and create a more aesthetic finish, colored shrink wrap tubing is used to code wires and connections. PVC shrink tubing does release small amounts of odor when sealing products, so proper ventilation is necessary.

How To Measure For PVC Shrink Tubing?

Shrink Wrap Tubing- Measure the circumference of the object's widest point, multiply by 1.1, and divide by two.

Circumference x 1.1 ÷ 2

Example- If an object had a circumference of 10, the equation would be: 10×1.1=11 then divide by 2, 1÷2=5.5 inches.  Round up to the next largest size if the exact size is not available.

Click on the link for a full blog post on how to measure shrink wrap tubing with illustrations.

How To Use Heat Shrink Tubing?

Shrink wrap tubing is a preferred packaging option for many companies. Whether using high-speed machinery or handheld manual machines, the basic process is the same. The product is inserted into the tubing, the tubing is sealed and cut, and then heat is applied. Some companies prefer to leave the tubing ends open without making a seal. See the videos below to view how to use shrink wrap tubing each way.

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