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Reclosable Barrier Bags

Barrier bags with a handy reclosable seal for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging to preserve and protect products. Find a range of sizes and colors. For stand-up or hanging displays, all pouches feature a K-style seal and hanger hole.

Reclosable barrier bags are a customer-friendly packaging option allowing customers to close products after opening and usage quickly. 

Most standup pouches are made with a K-style seal configuration. The K-style design allows room for more product at the bottom of the bag. Each bag features a hanger hole or standup option for display.

The K-Style seals feature a backward K sloping toward the bottom of the bag. A K-style sealed bag is made from one continuous web of film with seals angled toward the bottom center of the bag. This angle toward the bottom of the bag helps create the stand-up pouch by centering products in the bottom of the bag. 

K-style pouch seal

Seals are made above the zip seal, with an easy-open tear notch. For lower oxygen transmission rates, a foil laminate is added. The foil lamination offers one of the best barriers available in packaging. The foil gloss and reflective nature are perfect for packaging appeal. Outer gold or silver packaging can make packages pop on the shelf. Our metallic and white barrier bags both have a metallic laminate for additional barrier protection. 

A foil laminated reclosable pouch is not limited to consumable packaging. The barrier seal also works to prevent metal corrosion in salt environments. Many exporters have corrosion problems during oceanic voyages. A foil laminated standup pouch is perfect for forming an enclosed barrier to protect the metal product from corrosion during transport.

Foil Lamination

All of our clear reclosable pouches are coextruded pouches made from virgin materials, and FDA approved for direct food contact. The coextrusion combines two materials during the extrusion process. The two materials can be combined for clarity, barrier properties, strength, UV resistance, and much more.

Our clear reclosable co-extruded pouches can be used with vacuum packaging or nitrogen purge to extend product shelf life. The clear pouch helps to display contents within the bag. Perfect for trail mixes and other snack products.

Printed standup pouches are also available with custom sizes to fit product dimensions. Call 1-800-441-5090 for more information on sizing options and printing capabilities.

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