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Packaging Video Library

Explore our video library to help explain packaging machines and material uses, troubleshooting, and basic operations. Choose a video category and click on the tab to drop down a selection of videos to choose from.

We cannot cover all of the packaging machines, materials, and processes in one page of videos, but we have tried to include a variety of videos to view. Below is a brief description of what videos you will find in each dropdown section. If you want to see a video explaining or describing what you are specifically looking for, we are one call (1-800-441-5090) away.

General Packaging Videos: Shows a wide range of informative videos about our packaging services, product comparisons, and more. Find out the differences in heat shrink wrap vs. regular plastic wrap or why you use textured vacuum bags in a home use vacuum sealer instead of smooth bags. An animated video also explains how to sign for freight when it arrives at your facility if damaged.

Packaging Machine Product Testing

How to Sign for Freight That May Be Damaged

Vacuum Packaging vs. Shrink Wrapping

The Advantages of Pallet Top Sheeting

Continuous Band Sealer Speed Test

Centerfold Shrink Wrap vs Single wound Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrapping Services

Heat Gun vs. Shrink Tunnel

Hair Dryer vs. Heat Gun

I Bar Sealer vs. L Bar Sealer

Shrink Wrap vs Plastic Wrap with a heat gun

Book Shrink Wrapping Services

Is Shrink Wrapping Waterproof

Is Vacuum Packaging Waterproof

Static Shielding Electronic Parts

Amazon Drop Testing with Shrink Wrap

Shrink Gun Precautions

Which Shrink Wrap Machine is Right for Your Business

Smooth vs. Textured Vacuum Bags

Food Packaging Videos: Shows videos for restaurants, delis, butcher shops, and more. Videos for wrapping meat, overnight food storage, and manual machines used for packaging. Additional food packaging videos can be found within the shrink wrap and vacuum packaging videos.

Plastic Wrap w/Slide Cutter vs Cutterbox video

Foil Popup Sheets

Wrapmaster Plastic and Foil Dispenser

Food Packaging with Polyolefin Shrink Film

Meat Packaging with a Food Wrapping Machine

Vacuum Packaging Food Products

Shrink Wrap Specific Products Videos: View a large selection of applications for shrink wrapping and what can be packaged with it. Anything from packaging bath bombs to shrink wrapping chocolates. You will see a large selection of shrink wrap machinesused in the videos. If you see something similar to your products or close, feel free to contact us and inquire about more information. Our sales staff is always happy to help.

Shrink Wrap a Box by Hand

Shrink Wrap Printed PostCards

Shrink Wrap Gift Bags

Shrink Wrap Differences

Shrink Wrap an iPhone

Shrink Wrap a Candle

Pizza Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrap Board Games

Shrink Wrapping Pies

Shrink Wrapping Soap with a Portable I Bar Sealer

Shrink Wrapping Soap with an L Bar and Shrink Tunnel

DVD Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping Fireworks

Shrink Wrapping Parts and Tools

Shrink Wrapping Chocolates

Shrink Wrapping Picture Frames

Shrink Wrapping Bath Bombs

Low Temp Shrink Film Demo

Crosslinked Shrink Film Demo

Polyolefin Shrink Bag Demo

PVC Shrink Bag Demo

Manual Shrink Wrap Machine Videos: Entry-level shrink wrap machine videos for sealing low numbers of products daily. It shows videos of impulse sealers, I bar sealers and tabletop L bar sealers. Impulse sealer kits and I bar sealers come with everything needed to begin shrink wrapping. Let us know via chat, phone, or email if you need assistance with sizing or have questions.

Shrink Bags and Impulse Sealer
to package multiple products

Shrink Wrap Multiple Books with Tubing

Portable L Bar Sealer Demo Official Video

18"x18" L Bar Sealer Demo Official Video

Shrink Wrap Sealer Setup

American Made I Bar Sealer Demo

Shrink Wrap Chamber Videos: Shrink chambers are also called one-step machines because once the lid closes, the machine seals and shrinks the materials. Shrink chambers are perfect for offices and small workspaces because of their minimal footprint. Find videos comparing shrink chamber machines and demo videos featuring products large and small being wrapped in a one-step shrink chamber machine.

Shrink Chamber Machine

Shrink Chamber Demo

76ST Shrink Chamber Demo

All-in-One 48ST Shrink Chamber Demo

Packaging Large Products with a Shrink Chamber

48ST Shrink Chamber Official Video

76ST Shrink Chamber Official Video

Shrink Chamber Comparison

One-Step Shrink Chamber Demo Video

Shrink Wrap Combo System Videos: Shrink wrap combo systems use an L bar sealer and shrink tunnel to package products. This section shows videos of American Made and imported shrink combo systems.

Shrink Wrap Combo System Demo

1519 Shrink Wrap Combo System Official Video

1622 Shrink Wrap Combo System Official Video

HDX Shrink Combo System Demo

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Videos: Taking packaging efficiency to the next level with speed and precision, automatic shrink wrap machines can package up to thirty products per minute. Find videos on automatic L bar sealers, automatic side seal machines, and auto shrink bundlers. View an animated video to help determine if your business is ready for an automatic shrink wrap machine.

Full Auto Side seal Shrink Machine Video

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Demo Video

Auto L Bar Shrink Machine Video

Auto Shrink Bundler Demo Video

Is Your Business Ready for
an Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Automatic Shrink Bundling Machine Demo

Shrink Wrapping Long Boxes with
an Auto Side Seal Machine

Wrapping Books with
an Auto Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Tunnel Videos: Used to heat shrink film after a seal is completed, shrink tunnels are essential to professional shrink packaging operations. This section shows entry-level tunnels up to a large seventy-two-inch long machine for higher production and more oversized products. For more on machine specs and info, visit our shrink tunnel page displaying each size.

Tabletop Shrink Tunnel Demo

TL-1606-20 Shrink Tunnel Demo Official Video

72" Long Shrink Tunnel Demo

Shrink Bundling Tunnel Demo

Wood Packaging with a Shrink Tunnel

Vacuum Packaging Videos: Vacuum packaging removes air from bags with an oxygen barrier to help reduce spoilage times by lowering oxygen levels within the bag. In this section, vacuum packaging videos show packaging foods, meats, and metal industrial parts for overseas shipping to provide an air-tight closure as protection from corrosion. There is also a video showing how vacuum packaging can reduce the size of foam or fluffy products to help lower shipping costs for e-commerce sales.

Vacuum Packaging Bacon

Meat Packaging with a Vacuum Sealer

Aged Steak with a Vacuum Sealer

AVS Vacuum Sealer Demo Official Video

Vacuum Packaging Herbs and Spices

Vacuum Sealing Industrial Parts

Vacuum Packaging Trail Mix

Vacuum Packaging Foam Products

Vacuum Packaging Metal Products

Vacuum Packaging with Gas Flush Videos: Gas flush or nitrogen flushing is a popular form of modified atmosphere packaging. Flushing with an inert gas can reduce spoilage more than standard vacuum sealing in many products. View videos showing vacuum-flushing potato chips, cookies, and coffee to preserve freshness. There’s also an animated video explaining how vacuum packaging with gas flush works.

Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush Demo

Nitrogen Purge Packaging Potato Chips

Coffee Packaging with Nitrogen Flush

How Nitrogen Vacuum Sealing Works

Stretch Wrap Packaging Videos: Hand and machine stretch wrapping helps to secure loads onto pallets. Our stretch wrap packaging videos show hand stretch wrap options and machine wrapping examples. We also included a video race between manual and machine stretch wrapping.

Affordable Hybrid Stretch Wrap

Vented Stretch Wrap

Litewrapper Pallet Wrap Dispenser

How to Stretch Wrap a Pallet

Stretch Wrap Machine Demo

Stretch Wrap Machine with Scale

Loading the 2000b Stretch Wrap Machine Carriage

2000B Pallet Jack Demo

Wrapping odd Pallets with a stretch wrapper

Machine Vented Stretch Wrap

2000 Series Stretch Wrap Machine Demo Official Video

Automatic Stretch Wrapper Demo

Wrapping Light Pallets with
the 2000B Stretch Wrap Machine

How Long Does it Take to Wrap Pallets
with a Stretch Wrap Machine?

How much stretch wrap does it take to wrap a pallet?

Wrapping Large Pallets with
a 2000B Stretch Wrap Machine

Hand Stretch Wrapping
vs Machine Stretch Wrapping

Stretch Wrap Roping Top Loads

Printed Pallet Wrap Demo

Advantages of a Pallet Wrapper

Stretch Wrap Machine Setup

Strapping Machine Videos: Strapping will help strengthen and provide additional support when shipping heavy or oversized boxes and containers. View a selection of videos showing how to strengthen shipping boxes with a strapping machine or bundle packages to reduce expenses.

Strapping Machine Demo

Strapping Multiple Products with a Strapping Machine

Auto Strapping Machine Demo

Conveyor Videos: Used to transport products from one area to another, conveyors can come in numerous sizes and styles. Our conveyor videos feature three types of conveyors. Gravity-fed conveyors, powered infeed conveyors, and rotary conveyors accommodate a wide range of products. If you are still determining which conveyor you should choose, call (1-800-441-5090) or chat with a sales representative today.

Skatewheel Conveyor Demo Video

Rotary Conveyor Video

Gravity Roller Conveyor Demo

Rotary Conveyor with Bottles Demo Video

Gravity Roller Conveyor

180 Degree Gravity Conveyor

Packaging Machine Troubleshooting Videos: Problems can always occur; our packaging machine troubleshooting section shows how to troubleshoot and replace wearable parts. For more detailed and personal troubleshooting, we offer unlimited phone support on all machines purchased from U.S. Packaging & Wrapping.

Shrink Chamber Lid Tightening

Stretch Wrap Machine Setup Video

Shrink Chamber Film Threading

Recommended Daily Microknife Cleaning

Stretch Wrapper Tension Adjustment

I Bar Wire Replacement Video

Micro Knife Replacement Video

Shrink Tunnel Roller Rod Replacement

Vacuum Sealer Wire Replacement

HDX Shrink Combo System Adjustments

Auto L Bar Sealer Adjustments

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