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Meat Wrapping Rolls & Machines

Meat shrink rolls and machines for butchers, grocers, and deli are available in multiple thicknesses with bulk discounts. Businesses use overwrapping machines to quickly pack meat, vegetables, and other items for display and storage.

Meat Film Information

Meat film and produce film rolls are also commonly referred to as meat or produce wrap. Most meat film or produce film is made from FDA approved PVC film. Meat film is commonly used with a heat pad and tray to melt the bottom of the film together to form a seal. Rolls are available for semi-automatic machines and fully automatic machine. Free shipping is available for orders of 60 rolls or more.

We sell thousands of meat film rolls per year to customers across the United States. Both meat and produce film are affordable options for wrapping a variety of food products. Many companies purchase our food and meat wrapping machine to wrap products with meat or produce film. See common uses and descriptions of each size below.

The most common use for meat film is found in grocery stores and butcher shops around the world. See the picture to the right for clarification. We sell rolls to fit manually operated machines as well as fully automatic high-speed machines. Confectioners and candy makers also often use meat film with a hand wrapper to package candies.

The listed gauge is the thickness of the meat film. See our gauge conversion chart for further clarification on gauge conversions. For reference, common home use saran wrap is often a 35 gauge thickness.

57 Gauge Meat Film – Often used by confectioners and candy makers to wrap individual candy items. An excellent option for wrapping shrimp, fish, and lighter meats in conjunction with a foam tray. Not recommended for wrapping bone-in meat.

62 Gauge Meat Film – The most commonly used thickness of meat film found on wrapped meat in both grocery stores and butcher shops. Used to wrap a variety of meats and offer short term freezer protection. Recommended freezer storage times is 1-3 months.

70 Gauge Meat Film – A thick and durable meat film made to offer extra protection for freezer storage and bone-in meats. Recommended freezer storage is 3-6 Months.

Call us if you have any questions about our meat film or would like to request a quote. We offer free shipping on full pallets of film. Most pallets range from 40-60 rolls per pallet. View our butcher and freezer paper rolls for more meat packaging supplies.


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