Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrap Machine

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The 2000B is our best selling semi-automatic stretch wrap machine. The 2000B stretch wrap machine features a powered pre-stretch up to 250%. The pre-stretched head increases stretch film efficiency and load retention.


The 59” turntable diameter will support pallets with a diagonal of up to 80 inches. The 2000B offers a soft start and stop feature to reduce load shifting. This is an excellent feature for wrapping pallets full of boxes. The soft start keeps boxes from flying off the pallet during the initial start-up.


The easy plug-and-play set up allows and promotes quick and easy setup. With the use of a forklift and a few tools, each stretch wrap machine can be set up and operating within 30 minutes or less. Film loading is quick and easy and can be done within seconds. All 2000B stretch wrap machines run off of 110v power.


Look below for specifications and brochures. View our stretch wrap machine for taller and wider pallets if the specs below do not accommodate current pallet sizes. All pallet orders of machine stretch film ship free and are offered at special pricing.



Machine Specifications:

Power: 110V/60Hz

Turntable Speed: 12 RPM

Load Sensor: Automatic load height sensor

Control Panel: LCD Panel

Turntable Drive: Chain

Max Stretch Rate: 250%

Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Parts

Ramp: Standard Pallet Jack Ramp Included*

Turntable Diameter: 59”

Turntable Diagonal: 80”

Mast height: 95”

Max Load Weight: 5,000 lbs.

Min. Load Height: 22”

Max load Height: 87”

Max Stretch Film Width: 20”*

Machine Dimensions: 96.5”x59”x99”

Machine Weight: 1,295 lbs.


Shipping Dimensions:

Weight: 1,540 lbs.

Skid Dimensions: 130”x62”x34”

Freight Class: 150


* Denotes Optional Sizes Available Call For Details

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