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1 Mil Flat Poly Bags
1 mil flat poly bags
$7.50 - $172.40
2 Mil Flat Poly Bags
2 mil flat poly bags
$7.44 - $173.53
3 Mil Flat Poly Bags
3 mil flat poly bags
$10.80 - $121.50
4 Mil Flat Poly Bags
4 mil flat poly bags
$12.67 - $138.64
6 Mil Flat Poly Bags
6 mil flat poly bags
$38.43 - $123.62
Twist Ties
twist ties
$9.70 - $17.80

Poly Bag Information

Polyethylene bags or Poly bags are used for packaging a variety of products. Everything from food products to rocks and nails are packaged in polyethylene bags. Many products in our daily lives are made from polyethylene. It is the most common plastic in the world. There are many variations of polyethylene. All of our Poly Bags are made from low density polyethylene.

Low Density Polyethylene- Like linear low-density polyethylene, low density polyethylene is characterized by good clarity, high elongation, and a low melting point. Linear low-density polyethylene is what all of our stretch film products are made from. It is often not near as thick as a low density polyethylene.

Most LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) is not more that 1.5 mils thick. Where low density polyethylene products can be 6 mils thick or higher. Without getting into the technicalities, the major difference between the two in packaging is the LLDPE provides more stretchability. The LDPE does not provide as high of stretchability, but does offer a higher resilience.

Low density polyethylene is used in everything from slides on a playground to milk cartons. We offer a large selection of products using low density polyethylene. Our FDA approved ziplock bags, and our poly sheeting both are made from low density polyethylene.

Polyethylene Bags- There are a large variety of polyethylene bags all around us. Trash bags, drum liners, and flat poly bags are a few types of polyethylene bags in our everyday lives. All of our poly bags are 100% recyclable. They are made from virgin resin to ensure quality and great clarity. All bags are FDA approved for food safe storage. Below are the thicknesses we offer.

1 Mil Poly Bags - Lightweight bags for light objects without sharp edges or corners.

2 Mil Poly Bags - Standard strength bags, the most popular size of poly bags we offer. Versatile and offers good strength.

3 Mil Poly Bags - Medium strength bags ideal for lighter weight objects with some sharp edges and corners.

4 Mil Poly Bags - Heavy duty bags that will enable packaging of most objects big or small.

6 Mil Poly Bags - Extra heavy duty bags, used for nails, screws, and other pointed and sharp objects.

View our thickness conversion chart for more clarification on poly bag thicknesses. There are a variety of closure options available for poly bags. Some companies choose to staple, twist-tie, or seal poly bags depending on the product being packaged. Poly bags offer a low required sealing temperature of 105 - 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Most sealers available can seal poly bags to ensure protection from exterior elements.

Custom Sizes and Additives- There are a variety of sizes and additives we can have produced upon request. We are able to produce poly bags up to 56 inches wide made and up to 8 mils thick. Special UV resistant and anti-static additives can also be added upon request. Custom orders typically require a 10 - 14 day lead time. Request a quote online or call us at 1-800-441-5090 for order minimums and details.

How To Measure For Poly Bags

Unlike shrink bags, poly bags do not shrink down to conform to the product being packaged. The formula is close to the same for measurements though.

Measure the circumference of the product being wrapped at its widest points. Then measure the length of the product. Add 15%-20% to the circumference then divide by two. This will give you the width of bag needed.

Add 15%-20% to the length as well. This will give you the length of poly bags you need.

The percentages added to the circumference and the length can be modified based on how loose or tight you would like the bag to fit around the product.


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