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Food Packaging Supplies

Buy one product, or in bulk, food packaging supplies for restaurants, production plants, and caterers are in stock and ready to ship. Shop large rolls of heavy-duty aluminum foil, food service film, meat film, and disposable foil pans at discounted prices.

Food Packaging Information

Packaging Food With Foil

Food packaging is a large industry consisting of thousands of machines, products, and supplies. Companies spend billions of dollars annually to improve and perfect food packaging. Proper food packaging of products and supplies can increase shelf life, sales, and marketing appeal.

We offer a wide variety of food packaging supplies as well as industrial packaging supplies. Some of the food packaging supplies we offer include aluminum foil, food plastic wrap, meat wrap, produce wrap, disposable foil pans, catering trays, and more.

*Aluminum Foil - Our aluminum foil rolls and sheets are designed for commercial and industrial food packaging. Our aluminum foil rolls come in two brands: Western plastics & El Dorado Foil. All foil rolls come in 500 and 1000 ft. lengths. The El Dorado foil comes in standard and heavy-duty strength. The Western Plastics brand foil comes in standard, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty.

Our aluminum foil sheets are a preferred food packaging supply for many restaurants and other commercial businesses. The foil sheets are pre-folded and come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 9 inches to 12-inch sheets.

*Butcher & Freeze Paper - Both butcher and freezer paper rolls have been used as a primary food packaging supply for years.

Many butchers and meat processing companies choose butcher and freezer paper rolls. The major difference between the two types of paper is the polyethylene coating on the freezer paper. The coating allows the freezer paper to be more adequate for long term food packaging.

*Plastic Wrap - Plastic wrap rolls are commonly used in restaurants across the country to package food items overnight and for general kitchen use. All of our plastic wrap rolls come in lengths of 1000 to 3000 ft. rolls. Plastic wrap containers come equipped with either a cutter box or a slide cutter for easy and efficient use.

We also offer hard-to-find perforated plastic wrap rolls. We sell perforated plastic wrap rolls to a wide range of businesses in multiple industries. The perforated plastic wrap rolls offer a great amount of cling and sheets range in size from 6 inches to 24 inches. Along with the perforated plastic wrap, we also offer a perforated shrink wrap. The perforated shrink rolls require a heat source to be applied to them. Read our Plastic Wrap 101 page for more information on food plastic wrap products.

*Disposable Foil Pans - Disposable foil pans are great for easy disposal for a variety of events and occasions. They allow for easy cleanup and quick disposal of food packaging containers. Many catering companies use disposable foil pans for cooking and storing food for events.

*Catering Trays - Another item commonly used by catering companies for serving and preparing for catered events. Our catering trays are made from sturdy aluminum and decorated with expressive designs. Our domed plastic lids fit well over the catering trays to make food packaging quick and easy.


*Plastic Meat Film & Produce Film - Plastic meat film is great for a variety of meat packaging machines. Our meat film rolls come in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Meat film rolls vary in length from 4000 to 5000 ft. in length. We now offer a food and meat wrapping machine for use with our meat and produce film.

Rotating Food Meat Wrapping Machine.

*Vacuum Packaging - Vacuum packaging is a common form of food packaging found all around the world. Vacuum packaging can help increase the shelf life of food products up to 10 times longer. Vacuum packaging removes oxygen from the package to slow down food spoilage. There are a variety of vacuum sealing options to choose from depending on the products being packaged. View our vacuum packaging section to learn more about vacuum packaging food items.


*Shrink Wrapping - Using shrink wrap for food packaging is very common, commercial kitchens and bakeries across the globe use shrink packaging for shelf-ready packaging. Polyolefin shrink film is FDA approved and recommended for direct food contact. The use of shrink wrap for food packaging offers a sealed package to display and protect products. Watch the video to the right or click on the link to learn more about food packaging with shrink wrap.

Food Packaging Terms

Additive – Any substance added to something typically to improve it or prolong the life span.

Alkaline – The acidity levels in food. Used to help determine the proper packaging materials.

Aseptic Processing – Filling a sterilized product into a sterilized container and completely sealing of the container to ensure it is free from microorganisms.

Autoclave – A pressure chamber using steam pressure to eliminate bacteria and sterilize food. Commonly used for canned packaging.

Automation – Making equipment and machinery operate independently with limited or minimal operator control.

Biodegradability – The breakdown of materials and products by bacteria, fungi, or other natural means.

Blanching – Heating with hot water or steam to eliminate air in the tissue of produce and destroy enzymes.

Contract Manufacturer – An outside company hired to manufacture or package products.

Controlled Atmosphere Packaging – A packaging technique designed to alter the atmospheric gases surrounding a product to extend shelf life.

Downtime – The amount of time a machine or production line is without function. Downtime is different than routine idle time from shift changes and scheduled stoppages.

Flexible Packaging – A pliable container that quickly changes shape when a product is added. Bags and plastic films are often considered flexible packaging.

Heat Seal – A method of joining two surfaces together with heat fusion.

Hermetically Sealed Container – Any container designed to secure against the entrance of micro-organisms to keep interior contents sterile.

Inert Gas - Inert gases have low reactions when contacted with other substances. Inert gases are used in food packaging to help extend food shelf life.

Pasteurization – A heat treatment of food below 212 degrees Fahrenheit used to destroy organisms dangerous to health.

Permeability – The passage of a gas, vapor, liquid, or solids through a barrier without physically affecting the barrier.

Primary Spoilage – Spoilage of a packaged product due to bacterial or a chemical reaction.

Quality Control – A detailed process assuring products meet specific standards for commercial consumption.

Secondary Spoilage – Degradation for products due to busted packaging, improper storage, or expired products.

Shelf Life – The length of time a packaged product can meet consumption guidelines for mass purchase.

Shelf Stable – A packaged consumable product that does not require refrigeration or other special storage conditions.

Vacuum Packaging – Packaging in a variety of flexible and rigid containers in which gases have been removed and/or added to assist in prolonging shelf life.

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