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Stretch & Pallet Wrap Machines

We have a range of stretch wrap machines and pallet wrapping machines for sale, including automatic and manual solutions designed to apply stretch film to various products. Our electric pallet wrapping machines automate the wrapping process – making them ideal for tall or wide pallets – while pallet turntables with a foot pedal and manual wrapping machines are an affordable alternative.Top of Form

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Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch wrap machines are electrically or manually powered devices used to apply stretch film to a variety of products for packaging purposes. We offer a variety of stretch wrap machines online, as well as many additional models not displayed on our website.

Machines can pay for themselves within months, free employees for other tasks, and dramatically increase wrapping speeds. The powered stretching heads on a stretch wrap machine are capable of consistent maximum film stretch. Increasing the film stretch rate reduces film consumption, cost, and environmental impact.

What is a Stretch Wrap Machine?

Stretch wrap machines are electrically powered and manually powered devices used to apply stretch film to a variety of goods and products. Though manual stretch wrap machines are used around the world, electrically powered machines are by far the most popular and most commonly used.

The most readily used stretch wrap machines are turntable stretch wrap machines. Machines with a turntable rotate the goods as the film is wrapping around the products. Below is a list of different types of stretch wrap machines.

Stretch Wrap Machine Information

Turntabel Stretch wrap machine with base and stand

There are a variety of stretch wrap machine types available on the market. Your ideal stretch wrapping equipment will depend on the pallet load type and quantity you’re most often wrapping and packaging. Here’s an overview of different types of stretch wrapper machines:

Manual Stretch Wrap Machine - Each stretch film roll is placed on a stand with casters, and, unlike with an automatic stretch wrapper, users rotate the film around the stationary pallet load using the stand to stabilize and apply tension. This type of stretch wrapper is the second most affordable option, only surpassed by a manual stretch film dispenser.

Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine - The turntable stretch wrap machine is defined by its rotating base. Basic turntable stretch wrap machines have a rotating base while users hold a roll of film to wrap. Most turntable machines have a mast and film carriage to apply film while the pallet is rotating.

After a pallet is placed on the turntable, the end of the film is tied to the pallet and the user begins rotation. As the pallet spins, the film carriage moves higher up the pallet load. Tension on the roll stretches as the film is being applied.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine - A rotary arm stretch wrapper has a tower with an arm wrapping around a stationary pallet. This arm revolves around the pallet load, stretching the film as it’s applied. Depending on the type of machine, the arm may automatically begin wrapping and will cut the stretch film when complete.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine that stands over the pallet.
Robotic Stretch wrap machine.
Wrapping Large

Robot Stretch Wrap Machine - Instead of rotating the pallet itself, a robot stretch wrapping machine makes revolutions around a stationary pallet load. This type of stretch wrap machine is an excellent option for businesses that need mobile stretch film and packaging solutions.

Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine - The orbital stretch wrap machines are used with elongated products or odd-shaped products. They are widely used with a conveyor line; they are also used with a forklift to wrap a variety of products. Many products packaged with an orbital stretch wrap machine do not have a pallet. An excellent stretch wrap machine for carpet manufacturers, among many others.

Stock Stretch Wrap Machines

Variable Speed Pallet Turntable - The variable speed pallet turntable is a base model pallet wrapper that spins for easy film application to pallet loads. The foot pedal operation allows users to wrap and control the speed of the turntable to eliminate toppling.

Eagle 1000B - The 1000B stretch wrap machine offers an easy-to-use analog control panel and a 3,500 lb. max weight capacity.

Eagle 2000B - Built to handle all-day use, the 2000B is our standard-sized 110V chain-driven wrapping machine ideal for a wide variety of stretch wrapping and packaging applications.

Eagle 2000BWS - The 2000BWS is our standard 2000B stretch wrap machine model with the added benefit of a built-in scale. With 5,000 lb. weight capacity, this chain-driven stretch wrapper can shorten shipping times and improve efficiency.

Eagle 2000BE - The 2000BE has the same base model as the 2000B but includes a taller mast, which allows users to wrap pallets with heights up to 120 inches.

Eagle 2000EB - The 2000EB is a specialized version of the 2000B stretch wrap equipment, but with an extended base. This allows users to stretch wrap wider and longer pallets up to 170 inches.

Eagle 2000EBT - The 2000EBT takes its control panel and drive system from the 2000B stretch wrap machine, but its altered design can accommodate wider, longer, and taller pallets. This stretch wrapper can wrap pallets with a diagonal of up to 170 inches and a height of 120 inches.

Eagle 2000F - The 2000F automatic stretch wrap machine is designed to keep forklift drivers where they belong: on the forklift. Each 2000F machine comes with remote switches so drivers can quickly begin wrapping once the pallet is placed on the stretch wrapping equipment.

Customization Options

In addition to our stock stretch wrappers, we also offer customization options on stretch wrapping equipment:

Loading Ramp - Choose between Standard and Heavy Duty Loading Ramps.

Scale - A scale can be added to any stretch wrap machine model. Please allow an extra 3 to 5 days for shipping.

Height Sensor - Choose between infrared or digital laser options.

Stretch Film Carriage - Up to a 30-inch stretch film carriage is available, offering up to 250% stretch.

Larger Base or Mast - For further customization, we offer larger bases and masts than our stock stretch wrapper machine models provide. Please allow a 12- to 16-week lead time for these options.

Stretch Wrap Machines Calculators


If you have any questions about our stretch wrap machines and customizations, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-441-5090. One of our sales associates will be happy to assist you.

Stretch Wrap Machine Terms

Turntable - A rotating platform at the base of a stretch wrapper used to place product loads on and rotate during wrapping.

Mast - Also referred to as a tower, the tall part of a stretch wrap machine holding the film carriage and often the control panel.

Base - The bottom frame of a stretch wrap machine connecting the mast and the turntable.

Pallet Diagonal - The measurement of a pallet across diagonally opposite corners.

Pre-stretch Rate - The amount of film stretch measured in percentage.

Load Force - The amount of tension applied to a stretch film when wrapping a pallet load. Directly related to the amount of pre-stretch rate attained.

Film Carriage - A film holder that is attached to the mast of a stretch wrap machine. The film carriage either mechanically or manually moves up and down during pallet wrapping.

Control Panel - The primary control input for a stretch wrap machine, often containing power on/off, pre-set settings, load force, and more.

Load Sensor - Used on a mechanically operated stretch wrap machine to identify the height the film carriage needs to obtain to wrap the top of the pallet load.

Photo-Eye - The most common form of load sensor using a beam that bounces off the pallet back to the photo-eye to detect pallet height.

Laser Eye - A form of load sensor using a laser to detect the height of a pallet. The laser beam does not require refraction back to the laser eye.

Soft Start/stop - A slower start and stop of the stretch wrap turntable to reduce product toppling.

Top Wrap - The wrap at the top of the pallet load, often consisting of 2-4 wraps depending on the load.

Bottom Wrap - The wrap at the bottom of the pallet load, often consisting of 2-4 wraps depending on the load.

Error Code - A reading on the control panel displaying an error has occurred.

Idler Wheels - Rotating wheels on the base of the stretch wrap machine used to assist turntable rotation.

Turntable Drive - The motor power and material used to rotate the stretch machine turntable. Most often, the drive is belt or chain driven.

Porch - The extra area on a pallet ramp for an electric pallet jack to maneuver when offloading a pallet.

Limit Switch - Safety switches to stop the film carriage from raising or lowering if obstructed.

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