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Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch Wrap Machine Information

Stretch wrap machines can pay for themselves within months. A stretch wrap machine can free employees from other tasks and dramatically reduce stretch film usage. The powered stretching heads on a stretch wrap machine are capable of consistent maximum film stretch. Increasing the film stretch rate reduces film consumption, cost, and environmental impact.

The type and quantity of pallet loads wrapped will help determine the best machine for each application. The information below includes videos, descriptions, and standard terms for stretch wrap machines.

What is a Stretch Wrap Machine?

Stretch wrap machines are electrically powered and manually powered devices used to apply stretch film to a variety of goods and products. Though manual stretch wrap machines are used around the world, electrically powered machines are by far the most popular and most commonly used.

The most readily used stretch wrap machines are turntable stretch wrap machines. Machines with a turntable rotate the goods as the film is wrapping around the products. Below is a list of different types of stretch wrap machines.

Types of Stretch Wrap Machines

Turntabel Stretch wrap machine with base and stand

Manual Stretch Wrap Machine - Most manual stretch wrap machines are built to wrap stationary pallets. Stretch film rolls are placed on a stand with casters. Users roll the film around the stationary pallet using the stand to hold the roll and apply tension. These stretch wrappers are the most affordable option after a manual stretch film dispenser.

Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine - This is by far the most common type of stretch wrap machine found around the world. A turntable stretch wrap machine has a rotating base. A film carriage on the machine mast holds and dispenses the film.

After the pallet is placed on the turntable, the end of the film is tied to the pallet. The user then begins the turntable rotation. As the pallet spins, the film carriage moves higher up the pallet and tension on the film roll stretches as the film is being applied.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine - A rotary arm stretch wrap machine has a tower with an arm that wraps around a stationary pallet. The machines are commonly found on fully automatic packaging lines. The rotary arm makes multiple revolutions around the pallet while stretching the film as it is being applied.

Depending on the type of rotary arm machine, the arm will automatically begin wrapping and cut the stretch film when complete. High output operations wrapping hundreds of pallets per day often use fully automatic rotary arm machines.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine that stands over the pallet.
Robotic Stretch wrap machine.
Wrapping Large

Robot Stretch Wrap Machine - Robot stretch wrap machines are relatively new to the industry. The concept is comparable to a manual stretch wrap machine. The main difference is, the robot makes revolutions around a stationary pallet instead of the pallet rotating.

They are an excellent option for businesses that need a mobile stretch wrapping option. The robots can quickly be moved to different locations within a warehouse.

Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine - The orbital stretch wrap machines are used with elongated products or odd-shaped products. They are widely used with a conveyor line; they are also used with a forklift to wrap a variety of products. Many products packaged with an orbital stretch wrap machine do not have a pallet. An excellent stretch wrap machine for carpet manufacturers, among many others.

Stretch Wrap Machines - help speed up stretch wrap applications, reduce waste, and increase load stability. We offer a variety of stretch wrap machines online, as well as many other machines that are not displayed online. When considering a stretch wrap machine, it helps to think about how the products will be delivered to the machine. Most operations use a forklift to deliver goods to the turntable to begin wrapping. Other higher-speed operations use a conveyor belt to transport goods to the machine, and then the machine wraps the products with a rotating arm.

Online we currently offer stretch wrap machines designed for goods to be delivered by a forklift or pallet jack. Our stock stretch wrap machines accommodate 95% of pallets. We also offer customizations to accommodate all pallet wrapping needs.

Stretch Wrapper Machine Parts

Stretch wrappers are made to work and wrap pallets day in and day out. Over time parts become worn and need to be replaced. All machines offered by U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. come with a 3 yr. Warranty on parts. Machine parts are in stock and ship the same or next day.

Stock Stretch Wrap Machines

Eagle 1000B - When designing the 1000B stretch wrap machine engineers wanted to make a durable, yet affordable machine capable of all-day use. The 1000B stretch wrap machine is made with the same quality materials and drive components as the 2000B. The 1000B offers an easy-to-use analog control panel and a 3500 LB. max weight capacity. All 1000B machines come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on parts.

Eagle 2000B - The 2000B is our stock standard-sized stretch wrap machine. The 2000B is built to handle all-day wrapping applications. It is offered with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on parts. The 2000B is a 110V chain-driven machine ideal for a wide variety of stretch wrapping applications.

Eagle 2000BWS - The 2000B is our stock standard-sized stretch wrap machine. The 2000B is built to handle all-day wrapping applications. It is offered with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on parts. The 2000B is a 110V chain-driven machine ideal for a wide variety of stretch wrapping applications.

Eagle 2000BE - The 2000BE is the same base model machine as the 2000B except with a taller mast. The taller mast on the 2000BE allows users to wrap pallets with heights up to 120 inches instead of the standard 87 inches on the 2000B.

Eagle 2000EB - The 2000EB is the same base model as the 2000B except with an extended base. The extended base allows users to wrap wider and longer pallets. The 2000EB will accommodate pallet diagonals up to 170 inches compared to the standard 80 inch diagonal the 2000B will wrap. See our formula below to figure your pallet diagonal.

Eagle 2000EBT - The 2000EBT includes the same control panel and drive system as the 2000B, but is made to accommodate wider, longer, and taller pallets. The 2000EBT will wrap pallets with a diagonal of up to 170 inches and a height of 120 inches. See our pallet diagonal measurement formula and available customizations below.

Eagle 2000F - The Eagle 2000F automatic stretch wrap machine is designed to keep forklift drivers on the forklift. Each 2000F stretch wrap machine comes with remote switches for drivers to quickly begin wrapping once the pallet is placed on the device.

Customization Options

Loading Ramp - Standard and Heavy Duty Loading Ramps available.

Scale - Available to be added to any model. Please allow an extra 3 to 5 days for shipping.

Height Sensor - Infrared or digital laser available.

Film Carriage - Up to a 30-inch film carriage available with up to 250% stretch.

Larger Base or Mast - We also offer larger bases and masts than our stock models provide. Please allow a 12 to 16 week lead time for these options.

Stretch Wrap Machines Calculators


If you have any questions about our stretch wrap machines and customizations, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-441-5090. One of our sales associates will be happy to assist you.

Stretch Wrap Machine Terms

Turntable - A rotating platform at the base of a stretch wrapper used to place product loads on and rotate during wrapping.

Mast - Also referred to as a tower, the tall part of a stretch wrap machine holding the film carriage and often the control panel.

Base - The bottom frame of a stretch wrap machine connecting the mast and the turntable.

Pallet Diagonal - The measurement of a pallet across diagonally opposite corners.

Pre-stretch Rate - The amount of film stretch measured in percentage.

Load Force - The amount of tension applied to a stretch film when wrapping a pallet load. Directly related to the amount of pre-stretch rate attained.

Film Carriage - A film holder that is attached to the mast of a stretch wrap machine. The film carriage either mechanically or manually moves up and down during pallet wrapping.

Control Panel - The primary control input for a stretch wrap machine, often containing power on/off, pre-set settings, load force, and more.

Load Sensor - Used on a mechanically operated stretch wrap machine to identify the height the film carriage needs to obtain to wrap the top of the pallet load.

Photo-Eye - The most common form of load sensor using a beam that bounces off the pallet back to the photo-eye to detect pallet height.

Laser Eye - A form of load sensor using a laser to detect the height of a pallet. The laser beam does not require refraction back to the laser eye.

Soft Start/stop - A slower start and stop of the stretch wrap turntable to reduce product toppling.

Top Wrap - The wrap at the top of the pallet load, often consisting of 2-4 wraps depending on the load.

Bottom Wrap - The wrap at the bottom of the pallet load, often consisting of 2-4 wraps depending on the load.

Error Code - A reading on the control panel displaying an error has occurred.

Idler Wheels - Rotating wheels on the base of the stretch wrap machine used to assist turntable rotation.

Turntable Drive - The motor power and material used to rotate the stretch machine turntable. Most often, the drive is belt or chain driven.

Porch - The extra area on a pallet ramp for an electric pallet jack to maneuver when offloading a pallet.

Limit Switch - Safety switches to stop the film carriage from raising or lowering if obstructed.

Stretch Wrap Machine Videos

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