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Shrink Wrap Machines

We stock heat shrink wrapping machines for every packaging project, from industrial shrink wrap machines for high-volume orders to portable shrink wrap machines for use in the home. Our large and small shrink wrap machines apply heat to plastic film wrap, shrinking it snugly around its contents. Our heat shrink wrappers are ideal for low or high-volume packaging; call and let us help today. Check out our pallet shrink wrap machines for wrapping pallets or skids of goods.

Shrink Wrap Machine Information

Shrink wrap machine is a common term used in the packaging industry. When properly used, a shrink wrap machine is referring to a machine used in heat shrink packaging that includes a sealer and heat source to apply heat to the shrink wrap. People also often use the term shrink wrap machine when describing pallet stretch wrap machines.

The shrink wrap machine sealer closes open ends of the shrink film, and the heat source applies heat to the material to shrink it down to the product. Low output operations often use a heat gun as the heat source. In our blog post, What Shrink Wrap Machine is Best for Your business, we explain ideal shrink wrap machines based on the level of forecasted production. It is an excellent source for people new to shrink wrap packaging.

Our shrink wrap machines come to us from multiple reputable manufacturers. There are numerous types and sizes to select. Currently online, we only list our smaller machines for low to medium output operations. We offer a large selection of fully automatic machines for high output operations. Feel free to call us and inquire about any of our high output shrink wrap machines. Of course, we are always here after the sale for machine troubleshooting.

*I-Bar Sealers- An excellent option for anyone using shrink bags or shrink tubing. I-Bar sealers offer one sealing bar to seal and cut the shrink film in one motion. Our I-Bar shrink wrap systems come with everything needed to begin shrink wrapping your products. Our portable I-Bar sealers offer a detachable sealing bar to quickly and efficiently seal products. Instead of moving the products to the sealing bar, users move the sealing bar around the products. All portable I-Bar sealers come with an 8' cord to allow easy and efficient adjustment of the sealing bar.

*L-Bar Sealers- Great for any type of shrink film we offer. L-Bar sealers have three sealing bars designed to make sealing centerfold shrink film easy and efficient. All of the L-Bar sealers listed online are considered manual shrink wrap sealers for low to medium output operations. Call us to inquire about semi-automatic and fully automatic L-Bar sealers.

*Shrink Wrap Systems- Put together for beginner operations that are starting with low output. Our shrink wrap systems are cost-effective and come with everything needed to get started shrink wrapping products. The shrink wrap system is different than the I-bar shrink wrap system because of differences in the sealers.

Shrink Wrap Kit

*Hand Impulse Sealers- Recommended for low output operations that are sealing ten items or less per hour. Hand impulse sealers come in two varieties of machines. Round wire sealers and flat wire sealers. The flat wire sealers are more affordable but do not seal and cut in one motion. The round wire sealers cost more but are more efficient because of their ability to seal and cut in one movement.

*Foot Sealers- An excellent option for wrapping shrink bags and poly bags at high speed. We offer two types of foot sealers in a variety of widths. The regular foot-operated sealers come with a flat sealing wire. The flat sealing wire does not seal and cut the film in one motion. They are an excellent option for poly bags. For shrink bags, we recommend our round wire foot sealers. The round wire allows users to seal and cut shrink bags in one motion.

*Shrink Wrap Heat Guns- Currently, we only offer two shrink wrap heat guns online. They are both great for low output operations. The difference is temperature control. The two-speed heat gun only offers two adjustable speeds, and the variable temp heat gun offers an adjustable knob for multiple heat settings. We also offer a large selection of shrink tunnels for higher output operations. 

*Shrink Tunnels- Ideal from medium to high-speed output operations. Shrink tunnels come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Shrink tunnels substantially speed up shrink wrapping production. We recommend anyone wrapping more than 150 products per day consider purchasing a shrink tunnel.

Shrink Wrapping Combo System

*Shrink Wrapping Combo SystemsL bar sealer and shrink tunnel combinations can package thousands of products daily. Combo systems can come with many different options. Magnetic hold down is an option that keeps the L bar sealer in a sealing position until the seal is complete. This hold-down allows users to grab the next product while the seal finishes. A discharge conveyor is another option that transports products into the shrink tunnel. This option also saves time because users do not have to touch the product after the initial seal. Shrink combo systems save time and increase efficiency.

*ConveyorsConveyors come in many different forms, shapes, and varieties. The primary conveyors used for shrink wrapping are gravity feed conveyors. They are used at the exit of a shrink wrap tunnel to catch finished products. Fully automatic shrink wrap machines have powered feed conveyors to feed products into the shrink wrap machine continually. Knowing the dimensions and weight of the products being wrapped is essential in choosing the right conveyor. Different conveyors are made to transport different product shapes and sizes.  

Shrink Wrap Machine Demo Room


If you do not see a specific shrink wrap machine you are looking for, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-441-5090. One of our sales associates will do their best to assist you with what you need.

Shrink Wrap Machine Videos

Shrink Wrap Machine Terms

Angel Hair - Thin strands of shrink film on the edges by the seal can be caused by a variety of issues.

Centerfold Shrink Film - A shrink film folded lengthways and placed on a roll.

Chamber Size - Referring to a shrink tunnel, the chamber is the size of the heated interior area. 

Contactor - Electrical relay used to engage heaters, sealers, or blowing fans on a variety of shrink machines.

Control Panel - The main operating panel for a sealer or shrink tunnel often consisting of temperature control, conveyor speed, shrink time, seal time, and more.

Discharge Conveyor - A conveyor belt between an L Bar sealer and shrink tunnel used to transport sealed products.

Entry Conveyor - A mechanically driven product transportation device used to move products into a fully automatic shrink wrap machine.

Exit Conveyor - A mechanically or gravity-driven product transportation device used to move products from a semi-automatic or fully automatic shrink wrap machine.

Film Build Up - The build-up of black film residue on a sealer after multiple seals.

Film Rack - A film holder used to dispense film for shrink wrapping, sealing, and other applications.

Film Separator - A device used to separate centerfold shrink film before sealing and shrinking.

I Bar Sealer - A machine consisting of one heated side used to seal off and enclose products within a flexible plastic film.

Impulse Sealer - A smaller I Bar sealer often used for low production sealing.

Infrared Shrink Tunnel - A form of shrink tunnel often consisting of multiple infrared heating tubes used to heat the inside of the tunnel.

L Bar Sealer - A machine consisting of two heated sides used to seal off and enclose products within a flexible plastic film.

Magnetic Hold - A locking mechanism using magnets to hold down a sealing bar until a seal is completed.

Mesh Belt - A gridded wire belt overlay placed on conveyor roller rods to prevent smaller products from slipping between individual rollers.

Micro Knife/Band Ribbon  - A newer form of a sealing element found below sealing bars used to replace sealing wires. Band ribbons are often attached to the mainframe of the machine below the sealing bar. Band ribbons are often thicker and capable of sealing and cutting many more products before replacement is necessary.

Pinwheel Perforator - A wheel-shaped object with sharp points often placed close to the film rack to insert small holes into shrink film. The small holes allow air to escape the sealed package when the heat is applied.

Power Film Unwind - A motorized sealer feature designed to easily unwind film from the carriage for easier use.

Recirculating Shrink Tunnel - A form of shrink tunnel using fans to blow heat within the shrink tunnel continuously.

Roller Rods - Rotating rods often Teflon coated placed on a conveyor chain to transport products through a shrink tunnel.

Seal Time - A specified time set to complete a seal on flexible plastic materials.

Sealing Bar - The top bar on an L Bar sealer or I bar sealer, lowered down to create a seal on flexible plastic film.

Sealing Wire - A heated wire element found on the sealing bar is used to apply heat to create a seal on flexible plastic. Sealing wires are available in flat and round wires. The flat wire sealing wires only seal film and are capable of obtaining thicker, stronger seals. Round wire sealers seal and cut the excess film.

Shrink Chamber - A fully enclosed seal and shrink wrapping machine that fills with hot air for a specified time after a completed seal.

Shrink Time - A specified time set to apply heat to a shrink film to obtain the proper shrink rate.

Shrink Tunnel - A heating element commonly used with shrink wrapping, consisting of a conveyor moving products through a heated area to shrink film.

Single Wound Shrink Film - A flat shrink film placed on a roll.

Steam Shrink Tunnel - A form of shrink tunnel using steam to heat the tunnel interior.

Teflon Tape - A PTFE extruded tape with a chemical-resistant surface. Placed over sealing wires and bumpers to reduce film build-up directly on the sealing wire.

Transit Chanel - A ceramic channel used to hold band ribbons in place.

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