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Vertical Band Sealer


A vertical band sealer is made to seal stand up pouch bags. Once contents are placed into the pouch, they can be placed onto the vertical bag sealer conveyor for quick seal and closure. The upright bag sealer features a wide 8 mm air-tight seal for barrier bags or standard pouch bags.

Once operations begin, the seal temperature and belt speed will have variable adjustments to set as needed for the bag being sealed. The maximum vertical seal height is twelve inches. The maximum recommended weight for the conveyor is 6.6 lbs. The sealer conveyor has a maximum speed of 39 feet per minute.

Vertical band sealers can speed up production and efficiency. Once all the heights and temperatures are set, bags can quickly be placed through the sealer for full closure. A print and embossing option accommodates three sections with up to fifteen characters per line.

For setup, the vertical stand and sealer will need to be attached before operation. In addition to the stand, a vertical umbrella shaft will need to be installed. The vertical shaft connects the sealer and belt for a synced seal. Daily maintenance and monthly service can be performed to lengthen the band sealer's life.

Daily maintenance includes cleaning the sealing belts from any build-up from the upright pouches. It is also advised to wipe down the conveyor daily to keep any excess materials from being caught in the belt.

Users can expect to seal between 20 – 30 stand-up pouches per minute with the vertical band sealer. The easily accessible e-stop allows immediate stoppage if needed. An excellent way to prevent injuries and stop jamming and machine damage with loose elements. Other features of the sealer include:

Vertical Band Sealer Features:

*Standard Three Prong 120v Power Supply

*Adjustable Speed Conveyor Belt

*Wide 8 mm Seal Width

*Seals Bags Up To 8 Mils Thick

*Seal up to 30 Products Per Minute

*Date Printing Coder Included


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