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Poly Sheeting

Plastic poly sheeting rolls can be purchased in widths up to 20 feet. All rolls ship folded and boxed. For Visqueen or vapor barrier, a six-mil plastic sheeting is standard. Discounted pallet pricing is available with all sheeting sizes and thicknesses. Please fill out our quote form for a formal quote.

Clear Poly Sheeting
Clear Polyethylene Sheeting


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$25.85 - $175.81
Black Poly Sheeting
Black Polyethylene Sheeting


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$36.76 - $243.43

Poly Sheeting Information

Poly sheeting is a generic term, often referred to as construction and agricultural film or Visqueen. Poly sheeting is made from Low-density polyethylene and is most often offered in clear or black. Poly sheeting is commonly used as a vapor barrier or drop cloth.

Poly sheeting is used in multiple industries by companies and individuals around the world. Polyethylene is the most common form of plastic used in a variety of packaging, industrial, and construction materials. Polyethylene comes in a variety of densities; poly sheeting is commonly made from low-density polyethylene.

The low-density poly material promotes durability and flexibility in our poly sheeting. It is often used as vapor barriers in construction, for drop cloths, tarps, as well as lining for a variety of projects. We sell two colors of Visqueen that range in size from 3 ft. to 20 ft. wide. Our poly sheeting varies in thickness from 2 mils to 6 mils.

*Clear Polyethylene Sheeting - As seen in the picture above, our clear polyethylene sheeting has milky white transparency to it. The thicknesses of the clear poly sheeting are 2, 4, and 6 mil. The 2 mil rolls come with 200 ft. per roll, and other rolls come with 100 ft. per roll. All rolls come on 3-inch cores.

*Black Polyethylene Sheeting - The black Visqueen is often preferred for companies wanting to conceal and cover products. The black sheeting is fully opaque and protects from UV rays and offers full concealment. Thicknesses range from 4 mils to 6 mils. All rolls are 100 ft. in length.

We offer great discounts and free shipping on all Visqueen orders over $800. If you are looking for a product to protect pallet loads of check out our pallet covers. Call our sales team for a quote.

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