Eagle 2000EB Stretch Wrap Machine

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The 2000EB pallet wrapping machine is an extended base pallet wrapper. The extended base allows the packaging of longer and wider pallet loads. The 2000EB will support pallets with up to a 165” diagonal or pallets that measure up to 140”x90”.


Obtain a proper diagonal measurement of your largest pallet to be sure the extended base will accommodate the largest pallet you will be wrapping. The 2000EB is equipped with a chain turntable drive and runs on 110v electricity.


Be sure to check out our machine stretch film. For larger pallet heights, view our stretch wrap machine for tall pallets.



Machine Specifications:

Power: 110V/60Hz

Turntable Speed: 12 RPM

Load Sensor: Automatic load height sensor

Control Panel: LCD Panel

Turntable Drive: Chain

Max Stretch Rate: 250%

Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Parts

Ramp: Standard Pallet Jack Ramp Included*

Turntable Diameter: 78.5”

Turntable Diagonal: 170”

Mast height: 95”

Max Load Weight: 5,000 lbs.

Min. Load Height: 22”

Max load Height: 87”

Max Stretch Film Width: 20”*

Machine Dimensions: 151”x78.5”x99”

Machine Weight: 1,770 lbs.


Shipping Dimensions:

Weight: 2,068 lbs.

Skid Dimensions: 149”x82”x42”

Freight Class: 150


* Denotes Optional Sizes Available Call For Details

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