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Laundry Film Rolls & Garment Bags

Laundry wrap rolls are made from thin 40 to 50 gauge shrink film for use with a laundry wrapping table. The standard roll length is 5,000 ft, ranging from 24 to 36 inches wide. Garment bags are pre-sized poly bags for pants, suits, coats, and more. Ship and store garments with ease.

Laundry Wrap
Laundry Wrap
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Laundry Wrapping Table Made in the USA
Laundry Wrapping Table


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Laundry Film & Garment Bags

Laundry film and garment bags are two forms of flexible plastics used in commercial laundries. Laundry film is made from PVC and is often used with a heating pad to seal up wrapped laundry. Garment bags are made from Lower Density Polyethylene and are often used to cover and protect a variety of garments. For a further description of laundry film and garment bags, please see below.

Laundry film and garment bags are used in a variety of commercial settings. Everything from dry cleaners to hospitals and hotels uses laundry film or garment bags to protect and cover linens and laundry products. Both products are designed to keep laundry and linens fresh and crisp after cleaning. Below is a brief description of each product.

*Laundry Wrapping Table - The American-made HS10440LW wrapping table is made for commercial and professional laundry and garment wrapping applications. The table is built with a durable aluminum frame and stainless steel work area.

The dual film dispenser makes alternating film between products quick and easy. The locking easy-slide sealing drawer makes all-day sealing easier and faster. The large heating pad can be used to seal a wide range on linens and garments. Each table comes with locking casters for quick setup and movement between working areas.

*Laundry Film - Our laundry film is made from a super-strong PVC resin formula that offers a great amount of cling and heat seals easily. The laundry wrap is made from a formula similar to our stretch wrap formula. The main differences between the resin mixtures are the laundry film resin offers more cling and the ability to heat seal. We offer two film thicknesses, 40 & 50 gauge. Widths range from 24 inches to 36 inches wide.

*Garment Bags - Our garment bags are made from a strong 60 gauge poly plastic. They feature slanted shoulders and a slit hole for hangers. All garment bags come on rolls that contain up to 650 bags per roll.

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote for laundry bags or our packaging products, call us at 1-800-441-509 or click on the live chat button.

Laundry Film & Garment Bag Terms

Gauge - A measurement used to measure film thickness. One hundred gauges are equal to a 1 Mil thickness or one-thousandth of an inch.

Mil - A unit of measurement often used to measure the thickness of flexible plastics. A 1 mil thickness is equal to one-thousandth of an inch.

Cling - The cling of a laundry wrap is the ability of the wrap to adhere to itself.

Core Size - The inner part of a roll of a film is often made of paperboard material. The standard core diameter is 3 inches.

Heat Pad - The warming pad used to mend film together creating a seal from exterior elements.

PVC Cling Film - Short for Poly Vinyl Chloride, a thin flexible film often made to offer high cling and stretch. PVC film is often measured using a gauge as a thickness measurement.

LLDPE - Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, a thicker flexible film often measured in mil thickness. LLDPE films offer reduced cling, but better puncture resistance than PVC film.

Hanger Hole - For garment bags, the hanger hole is a small pre-cut hole allowing users to apply the bag to hanging garments.

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