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International Shipping - U.S. Packaging & Wrapping

We sell packaging products to businesses and individuals around the world. We do not ship directly to customers outside of the United States, but we do ship to any customers United States Freight Forwarder or consolidator of choice. Below is a list of freight forwarding options. We are not directly affiliated with any of the listed companies or options below.

International Shipping Options

Large Freight Orders

Customers purchasing pallet orders or more should consider using an international freight forwarder specializing in shipping to the specific country the products will be delivered. If you already have a chosen freight forwarder, fill out our quote form with the address of the United States freight forwarder of choice, and we will quote your products delivered to the forwarder. Payments are required upfront for all International orders.

If you do not currently have a chosen freight forwarder, below are a few links to help find one.

Small Shipping Orders

For smaller orders, we recommend using a United States freight consolidator. Setting up an account with a freight consolidator allows customers to obtain a Unites States shipping address. We ship the products to your new address, and the consolidator takes over from there. International shipping using a consolidator is often less expensive than shipping individual products. Consolidators bundle multiple products to send and help reduce fees.

Below are a few consolidators to choose from.




Disclaimer: U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC does not endorse, affiliate, or have ownership in any of the companies listed above. Customers should use discretion in choosing a forwarding or consolidation service. All payments for international orders are required up front before leaving our warehouse. Once products leave our warehouse, we are no longer liable for delivery times to the country of origin, product damage during shipment, or additional fees that may be incurred by third parties. Products that leave the Continental United States are not eligible for return or warranty consideration.

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