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Clear Pallet Covers
clear pallet covers

Protection from the elements!

$136.40 - $168.63
Black Pallet Covers
black pallet covers

UV protection!

$158.29 - $182.09
Top Sheeting Pallet Covers
top sheeting pallet covers

Perforated top sheeting on rolls!

$70.50 - $188.00

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Pallet Cover Information

All of our pallet covers are made to protect products and shipments from exterior elements. Pallet covers can help prevent scattered loads and reduce damaged shipments. Our black pallet covers are ideal for concealing and protecting shipments. Our clear pallet covers are great to help protect shipments from moisture, dust, and exterior elements. We offer multiple sizes to fit most pallets.

All of our covers come on a perforated roll. Most rolls range from 30 to 65 covers per roll. All covers come with gusseted sides to allow an easy and conforming fit over most pallet loads.

We consider the 1.5 mil clear pallet covers to be light weight pallet covers. They are ideal for pallet loads that do not have sharp edges and will not be at serious tear risk. The 2 mil covers are considered a medium weight cover. A common size for most applications. The 2 mil covers offer great tear resistance for warehouse applications. The 2 mil covers are little thicker than a heavy duty trash bag. The 3 mil trash bags offer maximum tear resistance for the toughest jobs. The 3 mil pallet covers are recommended for pallet loads with sharp edges that can cause tearing, like metal objects.

The black 2 and 3 mil plastic pallet covers are great for blocking out sunlight and concealing objects. The three options we recommend for UV protection and concealment are black pallet covers, black poly sheeting, and  opaque stretch film. Either product will provide the protection you need for your products.

If you have any questions about our plastic pallet covers, click on our live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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