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Foot Sealers

Foot-operated heat sealers keep hands free for more efficient bag sealing. Impulse sealing wires are available in flat for thicker materials and round to seal and cut thinner materials. Choose from upright or tabletop sealers.

Impulse Foot Sealer
Impulse Foot Sealers


$389.00 - $761.00
Tabletop Foot Sealer
Tabletop Foot Sealers


$575.63 - $936.62

Foot Sealer Information

Foot sealers are made to make bag sealing faster and more efficient. Users can use a foot operated pedal to quickly seal a variety of packaging bags. The two most common bags used with foot sealers are: polyethylene bags and shrink bags.

Every foot sealer comes with a heavy-duty stand, adjustable work table, and an adjustable pedal. Foot sealers work great with shrink tunnels or heat guns. Below is a brief description of each foot sealer offered.

Impulse Foot Sealer- These foot sealers come with a flat wire sealer and are commonly used with poly bags and other types of packaging bags. The flat wire does not cut the excess film from the bag after sealing. The excess film when used with poly bags offers an easy way for buyers to open the bags or retailers to hang and display bags.

Rotating Foot Sealer

Round Wire Impulse Foot Sealer- The round wire offers packagers the ability to seal and cut the film in one motion. A great option for shrink wrap packaging as well as a variety of other materials. Round wire sealers will cut the excess film at the seal. Once the heat is applied, a crisp straight seal runs across the width of the bag.

Tabletop Foot Sealers - Offer hands-free sealing for poly bags and shrink bags. All tabletop foot sealers come with an electronic heat timer, foot pedal and cord, adjustable automatic or manual controls, durable 5mm sealing wire, and more. All tabletop foot sealers run on 110v.

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