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Shrink Film for Sale - What You Should Consider

The phrase shrink film for sale can cover many materials and styles. Before purchasing the wrong shrink film, read some tips you should consider. First, determining the type of shrink film you need is essential. There is heat shrink film in various styles for packaging applications and industrial covering. This post is specific to shrink film for sale to package products.

The style of shrink film you need

Shrink Film Styles

 Shrink film for packaging comes in many varieties and styles; determining the right style is crucial. See some common shrink film packaging styles below.

Single Wound/Flat Shrink Film: Shrink film that comes off the roll flat is called a single-wound shrink film. Single wound is common in drink packaging; thicker shrink bundling film comes single wound or flat off the roll.

Centerfold Shrink Film: For many shrink wrap sealers, centerfold shrink film is the most popular. The material is folded in half lengthways and placed on the roll. The crease on one side of the roll can be used to create a pocket for the product to be placed in. Sealing with an L bar sealer will close the open ends of the material in one seal.

Neckbands: Neck banding is widespread across many industries. They are used to secure the lids of many different bottles and containers. Neckbands provide quick and easy tamper-evident packaging. It is essential to measure correctly and size banding to fit the container being used.

Shrink Sleeves and Tubing: Shrink sleeves and tubing are both found in cylindrical forms. The sleeves are pre-cut and popular for packaging drinks and other items in rigid containers. Shrink sleeves are affordable for companies to brand and provide nutrient info. Tubing, unless perforated, comes on a continuous roll and must be cut to length.

Which Material Will Work Best? 

Once you know the style of shrink film needed, it is essential to look at the materials available. Some materials will perform differently than others in machines and overall packaging performance. 

Popular shrink film materials include PVC shrink film, polyolefin shrink film, PETG, polyethylene, and polypropylene shrink film. Each material will perform differently; the product being wrapped will determine which material will be best suited for the application.

Shrink film will also require machines that can shrink and package the material. Some require higher temperatures or a specific heat source. PETG shrink sleeves need steam to shrink around a container properly. Choosing suitable materials and machines is crucial when looking for a shrink film for sale. If you already have equipment but need help with the correct materials, look up what will work with the machine you have. 

Thickness of Shrink Film Needed

The right film thickness

Determining the correct thickness of shrink film will ensure proper protection and reduce customer frustration when opening. Some materials are made to be stronger than others, while other shrink films can be thin and easy for customers to open.

Most shrink sleeves and neck banding are a minimum of a one mil thickness. The thicker shrink film will require more heat or a specific form of heat to shrink the material properly. Single-wound polyethylene is also found in heavier materials. Most shrink bundling film for bottles and other containers are a minimum of a two-mil thickness, requiring a substantial amount of heat to conform to the products being wrapped.

Centerfold shrink film can range from thin materials requiring minimal heat exposure to thicker materials requiring more extensive heat. Common centerfold PVC and polyolefin heat shrink film rolls are up to one or one-and-a-half mil thickness. Recirculating heat tunnels or heat guns can adequately shrink most centerfold films.

If you are still determining the thickness of the wrap you need, select the size and weight of the product and what will happen to it after it is wrapped. Products with shrink film exposed during shipping will require thicker materials than smaller products case packed after shrink wrapping. Feel free to call 1-800-441-5090 and let us know what you are wrapping, and we will gladly recommend the correct shrink film for sale to meet the application. There may be some we do not offer, but we should be able to help steer you in the right direction.

Discounts for quantity

This is less important of an issue if buying one roll at a time, but if purchasing in volume, it is essential to know price breaks and where better deals can be obtained. Some suppliers offer free shipping over a specified amount of film. Over the year, volume discounts can save thousands on film costs. If operating a fully automatic shrink wrap machine, pallet quantity discounts should save enough to pay for shipping or more.

Consistent supply

It is not as important if sparsely purchasing shrink film, but crucial if production depends on having the film in stock. Some suppliers only offer the cheapest material, and the quality will change over time. It is essential to have a consistent supply of material from order to order. It also helps to have a supplier with film on hand to ship if needed quickly.


When searching for shrink film for sale, re-ordering is easy if you know the material, thickness, and style. Even if you are looking for a replacement supply, knowing what you previously ordered is a tremendous help in finding the proper film.

When new to shrink wrapping and looking for a shrink film for sale, it is essential to test if you are on the fence. Some shrink film materials, thicknesses, and styles will perform better than others. If you are wrapping standard products that are commonly shrink-wrapped, the proper film and machine to accomplish the task is one call away (1-800-441-5090). We can assist and recommend machines and shrink film for packaging your product.



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