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Plastic Strapping - Polypropylene & Polyester Coils

Plastic strapping is used for securing and stabilizing individual products and pallet loads. Polyester strapping is an excellent alternative to steel strapping for pallet loads. Polypropylene or pp strapping is available in hand and machine rolls.

Plastic Strapping Information

Plastic strapping is ideal for multiple uses when shipping a variety of products. Poly strapping is often used to complement stretch film during load stabilization. Polypropylene strapping is used to bundle products together for retail sales. Polyester strapping is great for heavier loads and is commonly used in place of metal strapping. Polyester strapping offers many benefits over steel strapping. If you have any questions about our plastic strapping products, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090.

*Embossed Plastic Strapping is made with a diamond-shaped texture on the plastic strapping during the extrusion process. Embossed plastic strapping is beneficial because of its ability to provide friction against the strapping buckle or seal, therefore reducing slipping.

*Smooth Plastic Strapping - The advantage of having a smooth strapping is the ability to have a higher tensile strength. The diamond cut texture in the embossed strapping compromises some tensile strength. All polyester strapping is sold with smooth textures to encourage higher tensile strengths.

*Polypropylene Strapping - The most common form of strapping available in hand and machine strapping applications. Poly strapping is available in a wide variety of widths and core sizes. Buyers can find multiple colors available in both smooth and embossed finishes. All poly strapping coils are available for discounts on any orders five coils or higher.

*Polyester Strapping - A great alternative to steel strapping. Polyester strapping offers high tensile strengths at a fraction of the cost compared to steel strapping. Call us for any orders of five or more cases for discounts.

View our strapping machines online to find the right machine and material combination.

Plastic Strapping Terms

Strapping - A material used to preserve the integrity of a package or bundle numerous packages during transportation and storage.

Steel Strapping - The strongest and most expensive strapping offered. Steel strapping is often used to unitize heavy loads.

Polyester Strapping - A common substitute for steel strapping, the second strongest type of strapping available.

Nylon Strapping - Offers a high retained-tension capability and is commonly used to unitize heavy loads.

Polypropylene Strapping - The most common form of strapping, often used for unitizing and protecting smaller containers and boxes.

Tensile Strength - A material's resistance to fracture when extended, stretched, and pulled apart, expressed in pounds.

Cord Strapping - Commonly made from Polyester or Rayon, considered a heavy-duty strapping material.

Core - The inner paper tube strapping is wound upon. Core measurements are measured in diameter and width.

Embossed Strapping - Strapping with a rough texture. Embossed strapping allows the strapping to grip the buckle closure better.

Strapping Closure - Any form of seal or buckle to join two ends of strapping together. Strapping closures are most commonly made from plastic or metal.

Strapping Weld - A form of strapping closure that melts strapping ends together forming a single piece of strapping around a product or bundle of products.

Camber - The curve of a strapping, machine strapping cannot have a camber or it will jam the strapping machine.

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