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I Bar Sealers

I-bar sealers are ideal for small businesses with lower-volume packaging needs – handling around 300 packages daily. The I-bar shrink wrap sealer is designed to effortlessly seal and cut shrink film for professionally packaged products at a low price. Choose from smaller sealers or larger I-bar sealers up to 40 inches long.

I Bar Sealer Information

I Bar sealers are an excellent option for businesses running low, medium, or high output operations. We recommend these I Bar sealers for start-up to medium-sized enterprises.

I Bar sealers have one sealing bar that comes down on the shrink film for sealing and cutting. Multiple temperature settings can be adjusted for sealing heat. I Bar sealers can be used with centerfold shrink wrap, but we recommend using them with shrink bags or shrink tubing. Shrink bags, and shrink tubing require sealing only one or two open ends. This is a perfect shrink film option for use with an I bar sealer.

We offer two types of I Bar sealers online. Below is a brief description of each one. We do offer other I Bar sealers for higher output operations if you are interested. Feel free to call our sales agents for more info about our higher output sealers.

*I-Bar Shrink Wrap System- This is a basic shrink wrap sealer for beginners to medium output operations. The system comes with everything needed to begin shrink wrapping your products. Included are: PVC shrink wrap roll, heat shrink gun, I bar sealer, and film rack. Sealer widths offered are: 13", 18", 24", 32", and 40" sealing bars. Everything you need to begin shrink wrapping your products. The sealer offers multiple temperature settings to enable quick and efficient sealing. The amount of products you can seal per minute with this system depends on the type of shrink film you are using.

*Portable I-bar Sealers- Great option for medium output operations. We recommend this sealer for centerfold shrink wrap, shrink bags, and shrink tubing. The reason is because of the detachable sealing bar. With a traditional I bar sealer, you have to bring the product to the sealing bar. This is not efficient at all when using a centerfold shrink film.

With the portable I bar sealer, users can bring the sealing bar to the product being sealed. This is an efficient and easy way of sealing all types of shrink film. The detachable sealing bar has an 8' cord that allows easy maneuvering around the workspace. Sealing bar widths are offered in: 12", 18", 24", 32".

Tip- The most efficient way to use both types of I Bar sealers without a conveyor belt is to seal multiple products in one setting, then apply heat to the products all at once.

For high output machines, call us for more information. If you have any questions about our I-Bar sealers, click on our live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-441-5090.

I-Bar Sealer Set Up

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