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Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film is found on rolls 5,000 ft. or longer. Stretch wrap machines apply the wrap with superb stretch and consistency. Shop clear and colored machine rolls with specialty and custom options available. Request a quote for free shipping on pallet orders. 

Biodegradable Machine Stretch Film tmb
Biodegradable Machine Stretch Film


Additional Info
$71.42 - $85.71
Machine Stretch Film
Machine Stretch Film

Strongest Machine Stretch Film on the Market!

$97.86 - $137.86
Wide Machine Stretch Film
Wide Machine Stretch Film

Machine Rolls 40 - 80 Inches Wide!

$178.43 - $356.47
Blown Machine Stretch Film
Blown Machine Stretch Wrap

Superior Puncture Resistance!

$107.47 - $122.42
Black Stretch FIlm ~ White Stretch Film
Opaque Machine Stretch Film

Weather protection!

$89.21 - $104.49
Color Tinted Machine Stretch Film
Color Tinted Machine Stretch Film

Multiple colors to choose from!

$89.21 - $145.72
Airflow Machine Vented Stretch Wrap
Airflow Machine Pallet Wrap

 Stretch film that allows ventilation!

Additional Info
$219.04 - $239.32
Wrapnet Machine Stretch Netting
Wrapnet Machine Pallet Wrap

Ventilation netting!

$101.96 - $168.22
Machine VCI Stretch Wrap
Machine VCI Stretch Wrap

Protect Metal Products


Machine Stretch Film Information

Machine stretch film often refers to the length of the stretch film roll. Machine stretch film rolls are commonly available in 5,000 ft. to 9,000 ft. rolls opposed to 1500 ft. hand stretch film rolls. Widths of machine stretch film generally start at 20 inches wide and increase up to 80 or more inches wide. The standard core size to fit most stretch wrap machines is 3 inches.

Machine stretch film is ideal for medium to large scale operations intending to wrap products quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of machine stretch wrap products:

Standard Gauged Machine Stretch Film- Our standard gauged machine pallet wrap will be comparable to any other manufacturers standard gauged stretch wrap. It offers excellent stretch, tear strength, great clarity, and strength.

Performance Machine Stretch Film- A great choice for down gauging and saving money! Our performance machine stretch wrap has more stretch than standard gauged film and offers the ability to down gauge and save money.

Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film- A great option to save on film & energy costs. Our pre stretched machine stretch wrap is a standard 80 gauge machine pallet wrap stretched to 90% of its maximum stretch potential. Less energy exertion is required when wrapping. We recommend pre stretched machine stretch film for lighter loads where a large amount of tension and cling is not required when applying.

Color Tinted Machine Stretch Film- We recommend color tinted machine film for anyone wanting to quickly identify pallet loads or color code shipments.

Opaque Machine Stretch Film- Ideal for securing loads and protecting products from UV radiation. Within 2-3 revolutions, our opaque film is completely opaque. Protecting your shipments from UV radiation and concealing contents.

Airflow Machine Pallet Wrap- Preferred machine wrap for produce, refrigerated, and frozen products. Airflow pallet wrap does offer some stretch, but not the same amount as standard machine stretch wrap.

Wrapnet Machine Pallet Wrap- Comparable to Airflow pallet wrap because of offering the ability for products to breathe, but without the stretch. Wrapnet is a pallet wrap made from twine and does not offer any stretch. We recommend Wrapnet to clients wanting to secure lighter loads, yet still, allow products to breathe.

We also specialize and sell a large selection of wide web machine stretch film. Wide web film is any machine stretch wrap over 20". We sell machine film up to 80" wide. In some instances, wide web stretch film can be more efficient and cost-effective than smaller stretch films.

As stretch film specialists, we try to offer the largest selection of machine stretch film available online. We offer huge discounts and free shipping on stretch film skid orders.  For more information about stretch film varieties, click here. You can also always call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.


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