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PVC Shrink Wrap Film

Centerfold PVC shrink wrap rolls available in clear or color tinted options. Low shrink temperatures for non-consumable heat-sensitive products. I bar sealers, impulse sealers, and wire L-Bar Sealers are an excellent choice with PVC shrink film.

PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls 500 ft. small
PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls (500 Ft)

75. Gauge PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls

$35.89 - $114.29
PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls 2000 Ft
PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls (2000 Ft.)

75 Gauge PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls

$85.30 - $234.58
100 Gauge PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls
PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls (1500 Ft)

100 Gauge PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls

$92.06 - $238.30
Colored Shrink Wrap Rolls
Colored PVC Shrink Wrap (500 Ft)

Three Colors Available!

$64.99 - $102.91
Colored PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls
Colored PVC Shrink Wrap (2000 Ft)

Machine Length Rolls

$146.23 - $259.98

PVC Shrink Wrap Information

What is PVC?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, one of the most commonly produced plastics in the world. PVC plastic has been around since the early 19th century. One of the most well-known uses for PVC plastic is in pipes. PVC pipe is used for water and sewer transportation applications. PVC plastic is also found in a variety of other objects around us. PVC plastic is in everything from clothes, signs, flooring, and packaging. PVC shrink wrap is one of the most commonly used materials in the packaging industry.

PVC shrink wrap is ideal for a variety of packaging situations. PVC Shrink film is an excellent shrink film for manually operated machines. PVC shrink film is commonly found in centerfold rolls of 500 ft., 1500 ft., 2000 ft. lengths, and a wide variety of widths. We offer 75 gauge and 100 gauge PVC shrink film in multiple widths.

*PVC Shrink Film has been a common polymer used for years in the packaging industry and many other sectors. PVC shrink film is ideal for manual operations and is often the preferred shrink wrap for many applications. PVC shrink film has been used for years to wrap everything from CDs to paint trays. Here is a detailed article about PVC shrink film and its typical uses.

Clear PVC shrink wrap is the most common, but colored shrink wrap is used in various industries to help products stand out on shelves.

*Cost Advantage- PVC shrink rolls are more affordable than polyolefin wrap. Depending on the width of PVC shrink wrap you choose, they can vary from 2.9 cents per foot to 8 cents per foot. Those figures are from our 2000 ft. PVC shrink rolls. We also offer smaller 500 ft. centerfold rolls for smaller output operations.

There are multiple options when deciding on a packaging material for your products. PVC shrink wrap is a great option to consider. The ability to maintain an affordable price while allowing an excellent presentation of your product makes PVC shrink wrap a great choice.

*Protection- PVC shrink film can offer protection from tampering and exterior elements like any shrink wrap. Centerfold PVC shrink and Polyolefin shrink are great for providing that extra tamper security.

Along with assisting in tamper evidence, shrink film is excellent for protection from exterior elements like dust, pollen, and moisture. A centerfold shrink film will not make your products completely waterproof, but it does provide extra protection from water.

*Shrinking & Sealing- PVC shrink film has superior shrinking and sealing properties. Our PVC shrink rolls have up to a 40% shrink rate. Along with a high shrink rate, the film requires a low temperature to shrink. We always recommend a larger width of film than your product. In the "How to measure" section, you will see that we recommend buying a shrink film a couple of inches bigger than your product measurements.

This wider film allows additional film for sealing, as well as room for the film to shrink when applying heat. Too large of shrink film can cause "dog ears" in the corners of the product. That is why we recommend using the formula below for measuring.

*Precautions- We always recommend proper ventilation when sealing and shrinking PVC shrink wrap. The Chloride in the film emits a strong odor that can be harmful if inhaled too much. PVC shrink wrap cannot come into direct contact with consumable products. It can be used for secondary packaging but not for direct food contact. We recommend using a centerfold polyolefin shrink wrap for direct contact with food.  

Centerfold PVC shrink film offers a secure seal and superior clarity at an affordable price. We provide other thicknesses; feel free to call our sales department for more information on any of our shrink wrap products at 1-800-441-5090. 

Standard Centerfold PVC Sizes - 2000 ft. centerfold rolls are great for higher production. For lower production manual shrink machines, many customers choose to use 500 ft. rolls. See commonly used widths below.

Common Centerfold PVC Shrink Wrap Sizes

How To Measure For Centerfold Shrink Wrap

PVC Centerfold Shrink Wrap- The easiest way to measure for centerfold shrink wrap is to add the width and depth, then add 2-3 inches. If a product is 10 inches wide and 4 inches tall, you would add 10+4+2=16. A 16-inch wide film would be ideal for wrapping the product. If a 16-inch film is unavailable, go up to the next size of film and never go down in size.

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Shrink Film Width Calculator

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