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Black Polyethylene Sheeting

$32.37 - $214.35
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls
Orders Over $500 Ship Free!

Black polyethylene sheeting offers the strength of clear poly sheeting with an opaque black to further protect products. Black poly sheeting is often used to cover and conceal a variety of products. It provides great protection from UV rays when used to protect loads in outdoor storage.

Our black poly rolls come in widths up to 20 ft. wide. We offer rolls in 4 and 6 mil thicknesses. Any order over 5 rolls qualifies for our custom quantity based pricing. This pricing provides substantial discounts from internet prices. We can also have custom black poly sheeting rolls made on request. Orders come with a minimum and required lead time. Call our sales team to inquire about poly sheeting or any other packaging products we offer!

Request Price Quote for Orders over 5 Rolls

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SKUProductCore SizeThicknessWeightPriceSale PriceQty
LA-110054'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"4 Mil8 LBS $32.37N/A
LA-110106'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"4 Mil14 LBS $47.99N/A
LA-1102010'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"4 Mil20 LBS $79.58N/A
LA-1105510'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"6 Mil30 LBS $118.80N/A
LA-1102512'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"4 Mil24 LBS $89.72N/A
LA-1106012'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"6 Mil36 LBS $131.93N/A
LA-1106516'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"6 Mil47 LBS $172.45N/A
LA-1107020'x100' Black Polyethylene Sheeting1"6 Mil60 LBS $214.35N/A

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