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Pizza Shrink Film

$160.77 - $209.54
Ships Within: 24 Hours

Pizza shrink film rolls are flat easy-tear sheets made for use with pizza cappers and comparable to traditional Robbie pizza wrap. Users simply place the shrink film over a pizza, and the film conforms to the bottom with a tight fit. Pizza cappers have a platform for a pizza to sit on with a corrugated round while a pizza shrink film conforms in seconds to protect and preserve.

Pizza sizes from 8 inches to 20 inches in diameter can be wrapped. Use the chart to determine which size of sheets is needed for your pizzas. Seal out exterior elements and extend the life of pre-made pizzas with a transparent, anti-fogging, food-safe pizza shrink film.

All film rolls are a 60 gauge thickness ideal for delis, supermarkets, and pizzerias. The film sheets shrink quickly and easily.

For quantity discounts of five or more rolls, request a quote or call 1-800-441-5090.


Product Details:
SKUProductSheet SizeSheets/RollPizza DiameterWeightPriceSale PriceQty
TC-17116"x16" Pizza Shrink Film16"x16"10008"-9"7 LBS$160.77$133.98
TC-17418"x18" Pizza Shrink Film18"x18"90010"8 LBS$165.70$138.08
TC-17720"x20" Pizza Shrink Film20"x20"80012"9 LBS $169.23N/A
TC-18122"x22" Pizza Shrink Film22"x22"70013"-14"8 LBS $193.70N/A
TC-18324"x24" Pizza Shrink Film24"x24"50014"8 LBS $161.32N/A
TC-18630"x30" Pizza Shrink Film30"x30"20016"-20"6 LBS $209.54N/A
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