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Vacuum Bags

Vacuum sealer bags are designed to pack items safely and extend shelf life by extracting oxygen from the bag. We offer a range of vacuum seal storage bags in different thicknesses, from 3 mils to 5 mils, and higher custom options. Our channeled vacuum bags can be used in the home with portable sealers to preserve freshness and prevent waste.

Channeled Vacuum Bags Made in the USA
Channeled Vacuum Bags

Bulk Home Use Vacuum Bags

$25.64 - $419.74
3 Mil Vacuum Bags Made in the USA
3 Mil Vacuum Bags
Additional Info
$52.04 - $183.34
4 Mil Vacuum Bags Made in the USA
4 Mil Vacuum Bags
Additional Info
$93.77 - $299.92
Five Mil Vacuum Bags Tmb
5 Mil Vacuum Bags


$105.48 - $371.73
Vacuum Zipper Bags
Vacuum Zipper Bags

Reclosable Vacuum Bags

$177.04 - $281.15
Notched Vacuum Bags
Notched Vacuum Bags

Easy-to-Open Vacuum Bags

$16.66 - $179.48
Meat Vacuum Bags w/Black Background
Meat Vacuum Bags w/Black Background

Clear on One Side

$213.83 - $328.22
Vacuum Tubing Front
3 Mil Vacuum Tubing

Cut Bags to Size

$72.19 - $180.72
Barrier Shrink Bags
Barrier Shrink Bags

Vacuum Shrink Bags

$158.30 - $345.59

Vacuum Bag Information

What are vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum bags come with three enclosed sides and also called barrier bags. Vacuum sealer bags are specifically designed for reduced air permeability to hold and maintain a vacuum within the bag.  

Vacuum bag packaging is the most common form of vacuum packaging. Vacuum bags are used in homes and high volume commercial packaging facilities. Multiple sizes, thicknesses, and types are available to accommodate a variety of products.

The most common bag thickness is a three mil thickness or three-thousandths of an inch. The 3 Mil thickness is thick enough to obtain a dependable seal for long term storage. Larger products with sharp edges and jagged corners commonly use a five mil bag thickness or higher. 

The type of vacuum sealer being used often determines the kind of bag that can be used. Vacuum sealers with an internal compressor often require channeled vacuum bags due to low vacuum pressure. Channeled vacuum bags are textured with small dimples to allow air to escape the bag. Channeled vacuum bags lack the clarity smooth bags do but provide an excellent vacuum.

See below for descriptions of each type of vacuum bag and a vacuum bag chart to help determine the right type of bag needed.

Vacuum Bags

Standard vacuum bags are smooth and available in multiple thicknesses and sizes. The most common thickness of vacuum bags is a 3 mil thickness. The 3 mil thickness is ideal for most products unless the product has sharp edges or corners, such as bones or pointed metal objects.

Vacuum Bags

Channeled Vacuum Bags

Channeled vacuum bags or embossed vacuum bags are used on most residential use vacuum sealers. The surfaces of the bags are textured. The channeled vacuum bags allow air to escape from the bag easier. Channeled bags are also said to have a higher than usual oxygen barrier. Channeled bags are available in a three mil thickness with multiple sizes to choose from.

Channeled Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Zipper Bags

Smooth and clear vacuum bags with a zipper for easy opening. The zipper is on one end of the bag, and the other end of the bag is open to insert products and create a seal. Vacuum zipper bags are used in meat packaging all the time. Once the customer opens the zipper bag, it can be easily reclosed.

Vacuum Bags with Zipper

Notched Vacuum Bags

Notched vacuum bags are smooth and clear vacuum bags with an easy to open tear notch. Our notched vacuum bags are available in a standard three mil thickness. Sizes of notched bags range from 4 to 12-inch widths.

Vacuum Bags with Tear Notch

Custom Vacuum Bags

Custom vacuum bags can vary in size, color, and print. We have the capability of producing custom vacuum bag sizes within 2-3 weeks. Custom sizes up to 48 inches wide. Multiple colors and backings can be produced as well. Foil vacuum bags are very popular with coffee makers. Full opaque black, white, and blue vacuum bags are popular with meat and cheese producers. All custom sizes do require a minimum order amount. Most minimums start at 10,000 bags of one size. Call our sales team today to inquire!

We also offer custom printed capabilities for vacuum bags. Custom labels and ingredients can be directly printed onto vacuum bags with short lead times. Most custom printed lead times range from 3-4 weeks. Minimums vary depending on bag size, call today for more information.

Custom Vacuum Bag Sizes

Vacuum Bag Type Clarity Common Uses
3 Mil Vacuum Bags Excellent Most common vacuum bag thickness used for food and industrial vacuum packaging applications. Excellent clarity and multiple sizes in stock.
4 Mil Vacuum Bags Good Vacuum bags 4 mils or thicker are often used for large bone-in primal cuts, packaging metal for overseas transport, bulk coffee beans, and more.
5 Mil Vacuum Bags Fair 5 mil vacuum bags are considered heavy-duty vacuum bags for packaging pointed and sharp objects including bone, metal, and heavy plastic pieces. 
Channeled Vacuum Bags Fair Channeled vacuum bags are commonly used with home use nozzle vacuum sealers to obtain a full vacuum on less powerful machines. Each bag comes with one smooth side and one embossed side.
Reclosable Vacuum Bags Excellent Used for packaging deli meats, baked goods, beef jerky, coffee, and other consumable products. Customers love the option of sealing products after the initial seal has been opened.
Notched Vacuum Bags Excellent Ideal for retail-ready consumable and non-consumable products. An excellent choice when customer ease-of-opening is of high importance.

If you are unsure about the type of size of the bag to use, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090, click on the live chat button, or visit our vacuum packing 101 page.

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