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> Stretch Wrap Specials

Stretch Wrap Specials

Wholesale stretch wrap specials. Five cases or more of hand or machine stretch film rolls at discounted prices. For better pallet pricing, fill out our quote form, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Wholesale Stretch Wrap
5 Cases - 18" Hybrid 80 Hand Stretch Film
Was: $335.91
Now: $258.11
10 Cases of Stretch Film
5 Cases - 18" Eco 80 Hand Stretch Film
Was: $399.31
Now: $302.10
80 gauge pallet wrap
5 Cases - 18" True 80 Ga. Hand Stretch Film
Was: $475.24
Now: $376.30
Discounted Bundling Stretch Wrap
5 Cases - 5" True 80 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film
Was: $367.31
Now: $275.60

Stretch Wrap Discounts

The discount stretch wrap specials above are not the only discounts we offer. In fact, we have many customers who call and request custom stretch wrap quotes. A custom quote is a specific quote based on your needs and requirements. This enables customers to buy wholesale stretch wrap based on their needs. Below is a couple of question we commonly ask to help prepare a quote.

1. Average Load Weight? This helps us to determine the strength of the film you need. We want to offer you the most affordable film possible that will still get the job done. If you are currently using a film, the weight of an unused roll can be used to figure out the current film thickness.

2. Are there any sharp corners or jagged edges on your loads? Once again this is to help us determine the type of film that will work for your specific application.

3. How much film do you use? All of our prices and quotes are quantity-based. Determining the amount of usage and frequency of orders will help establish a price?

4. What location(s) will the products being shipping to? This helps with logistics when shipping your products. We have multiple warehouses we ship from to reduce shipping costs, therefore reduce your overall cost.

These questions along with any other input you may have will assist us in preparing a discount stretch wrap quote that will meet your specific needs. Feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or shop all of our products and resources.

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