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Band Sealer with Gas Flush


Band sealers with gas flush can quickly flush and seal packages for high-speed production. The stand-alone band sealer features locking casters and a standard electrical plug to be moved to any location needed. The bag conveyor moves products along the sealing band after the bags are placed over the nozzle.
The gas flushing nozzle activates when the foot pedal is pressed. Once the flushing process is complete, the nozzle pivots, allowing the bag to move down the conveyor belt for sealing swiftly. The conveyor speeds are fully adjustable and can move up to 40 feet per minute.

In addition to the gas flush option, a vacuum setting can remove air from the bag before sealing begins. These two settings cannot be used together; the machine will need to be set to either a gas flush or a vacuum setting. The hands-free foot pedal activates both options. Once complete, the band sealer makes the desired seal. The thick 10 mm seal width is durable and can seal up to a four-mil thickness.
Each gas-flushing band sealer features digital electronic thermostat controls, quick-push E-Stop, optional solid-ink printing up to three lines, and a fully adjustable conveyor for accommodating large and small bags.

The gas flushing band sealer is shipped crated on a pallet and can be set up within minutes of arrival. All machines include replacement parts and tools for working on the band sealer and performing routine maintenance. Troubleshooting and assistance are one call away when purchased from U.S. Packaging & Wrapping.

Band Sealer with Gas Flush Features
*110V Power Supply for Standard Wall Outlets
*Belt Speed Up To 40 Feet Per Minute
*Digital Temperature Controls
*Easy-Press E-Stop
*Pressure Gauge
*Locking Wheels and Casters for Easy Mobility
*Thick 10mm Sealing Band
*Optional Solid Ink Rollers Included
*Max Conveyor Load 7 lbs.
*Overall Maximum Machine Dimensions 41”L x 21.5”W x 43.5”H
*Overall Machine Weight 154 lbs


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