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Bundling Stretch Film

Bundling stretch film ranges from 2 - 5 inches wide and is used to tightly secure items together. Extended core rolls have a built-in handle. Other cases have a disposable handle with various widths and thicknesses to choose from. Fill out a quote form for free shipping on pallet orders (60 Cases).

Bundling Film
Bundling Stretch Film/w One Disposable Dispenser

Reduce shipping costs and save money!

$69.57 - $87.07
Hybrid Bundling Stretch Film
Hybrid Bundling Stretch Film (3" Core)

"Greener" Stretch Film!

$58.67 - $66.34
Extended Core Banding Film
Bundling Extended Core Stretch Film

Built in Handle!

$70.87 - $105.82
Colored Bundling Film
Colored Bundling Film

Color Coded Bundling!

Pre Stretch Bundling Film
Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film (3" Core)

Reduce Waste! Save Money!

$70.10 - $157.04
Auto Bundling Rolls
Auto Bundling Rolls

Large Machine Rolls!

$22.98 - $65.69

Bundling Stretch Film Information

Bundling stretch film, also referred to as banding stretch film is great for a variety of uses. Stretch film between 1-5 inches is commonly referred to as bundling film or banding film. Companies often use bundling stretch wrap in place of tape to keep items bundled together. Bundling film is also great for stabilizing smaller product loads.

Light and easy to handle rolls enable efficient bundling and applying. Great for bundling wood, PVC pipe, and other cylindrical products. Many of our clients use bundling stretch wrap to bundle multiple boxes together for shipping. We offer several different varieties of bundling stretch wrap ideal for different job applications.

Bundling Stretch Film- Our standard gauged stretch film that is comparable to any gauged stretch film from other manufacturers. Offered in 2-5 inch widths and available in multiple thicknesses. Hand rolls most commonly come in a 1000 ft. thickness and auto machine bundling rolls come in a 5000 ft. thickness.

Hybrid Bundling Stretch Film- Our equivalent banding film that is thinner and stiffer than standard gauged stretch film. Hybrid bundling stretch film costs less and is a great option to consider. Here is a detailed blog post about the benefits of hybrid bundling film.

Extended Core Bundling Stretch Film- Ideal for anyone wanting a ready-to-use bundling film out of the box. The extended core handles are sturdy and enable quick and easy use.

Pre Stretched Bundling Stretch Film- A great choice for lighter loads. The pre stretched bundling film is a standard 80 gauge stretch film stretched Up to 90% of its maximum stretch capacity. This allows users to expend less energy when applying.

We urge our clients to consider Hybrid or pre stretched bundling film before using a standard gauged film. The standard gauged bundling stretch wrap is a superior film, but costs more. If you try an equivalent film or a pre stretch film and it works, it will save your company money in the long run.

If you have any questions about or bundling stretch film products, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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