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Aluminum Foil Rolls & Sheets

Restaurant aluminum foil rolls and sheets are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Standard, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty rolls are further discounted at five rolls or more. Foil sheets are sold per case and, used for packaging tortillas, potatoes, and even used by hair salons.

Commercial Foil tmb
Western Plastics Aluminum Foil

Superior Quality Aluminum Foil!

$34.67 - $180.22
El Dorado Aluminum Foil tmb
El Dorado Aluminum Foil

Durable Economy Foil!

$38.28 - $92.76
Folded Foil Sheets Thumbnail
Folded Foil Sheets

Ideal for a variety of foods!

$74.35 - $147.88
Aluminum Foil Refills
Wrapmaster Aluminum Foil Refills

Easy to change foil refills!

$50.34 - $85.33
Wrapmaster Dispenser
Wrapmaster Dispenser

Concealed blade for safety!

$49.59 - $61.99

Aluminum Foil Information

Aluminum foil is aluminum prepared in thin metal leaves. The thin sheets can be produced in continuous rolls, folded sheets, and more. Most aluminum foil has a thickness of fewer than 8 mils. Aluminum foil rolls and sheets are used in a variety of industries including aerospace, industrial, chemicals, food, and more. The flexibility of the metal and the ability to withstand high temperatures makes foil a preferred material for many industries around the world. A great resource for learning about the production, use, and recycling of aluminum foil is

Aluminum foil durability and quality at an affordable price is what we strive for. At  U.S. Packaging & Wrapping we offer superior aluminum foil rolls, economy aluminum foil rolls, and aluminum foil sheets. Our aluminum foil rolls come in standard, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty strengths. The standard foil is a thinner foil that offers flexibility. The heavy duty and the extra heavy duty aluminum foils are great for cooking & grilling as well as industrial applications. Rolls come in 500 ft. & 1000 ft. lengths.

*Western Plastics Aluminum Foil- Come in a variety of strengths ranging from standard, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty. The standard foil rolls are thin and flexible, commonly used for lightweight applications. The Western Plastics heavy-duty aluminum foil rolls are comparable to standard kitchen rolls. The main difference is the length of the foil rolls. Most store bought foil rolls are 75 ft. in length. The smallest rolls we sell are 500 ft. in length. The extra heavy duty foil rolls are very durable and commonly used for the toughest applications. Click on the link for details about aluminum foil thickness. Western plastics foil rolls range in width from 12 inches up to 24 inches.

*El Dorado Aluminum Foil- Considered economy foil. These foil rolls are slightly thinner and more affordable than the Western Plastics foil rolls. They are offered in standard and heavy duty strengths, with widths ranging from 12 to 18 inches. All rolls come in lengths of 500 to 1000 ft in length.

*Folded Foil Sheets- Folded sheets are great for a variety of uses in commercial businesses. They are commonly used for wrapping a variety of foods for takeout orders in restaurants. Salons often use folded foil sheets for dying hair as well. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 9 x 10 inch to 12 x 10 inch foil sheets. Cases of foil sheets contain either 2400 sheets or 3000 sheets per case.

If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to click on the live chat, visit the contact us page, or call our toll free number 1-800-441-5090. For a complete list of aluminum recycling centers by state click on the link.

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