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Machine Packing Tape

Longer rolls for increased packaging and sealing make machine tape rolls ideal for higher production box sealing. Machine packing tape rolls made for semi-auto and full auto tape machines come in a 914-meter length for fewer roll changes and increased carton closure.


3m Scotch Machine Packing Tape
3M Scotch 311 Machine Box Sealing/Packing Tape

Value & Performance!

$145.60 - $232.95
3m Scotch Machinw Tape
3M Scotch 313 Machine Box Sealing/Packing Tape

Stronger than Scotch 311!

$349.43 - $419.30

Machine Packing Tape Information

Machine packing tape is intended for high-speed packaging operations. The variety offered is intended to accommodate packages of different sizes, shapes, and weights. There are several other machine packing tapes we offer that are not listed online. below is a brief description of the machine packing tapes we currently offer online.

*Scotch 311 Machine Packing Tape- Scotch 311 Machine packing tape offers an acrylic adhesive on a polypropylene backing. Scotch 311 tape is considered a premium machine packing tape, ideal for a variety of high-speed operations. Scotch 311 offers a 25 lb. tensile strength on a 3 inch core. Different widths and lengths are available.

*Scotch 313 Machine Packing Tape- Scotch 313 is a stronger thicker machine tape than the 311 tape line. Scotch 313 uses an acrylic adhesive for sealing that increases seal life and temperature ranges. The 2.5 mil thickness works great for heavy sealing and packing operations.

*Tartan 369 Machine Packing Tape- The Tartan line of tapes are 3M products designed for value performance. The Tartan 369 machine packing tape offers a rubber resin adhesive for sealing. Rubber resin adhesives allow the more economical tape to be produced. Tartan 369 tape offers a 1.6 mil thickness and a 19 lb. tensile strength. We offer the Tartan 369 in both 2 and 3 inch widths.

If you have any questions about machine packing tape, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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