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Packaging Testing

We Want To Test Your Products

New product rollouts can be exciting and come with unexpected difficulties. Businesses can always encounter issues and obstacles during and after development. Incidental costs, design flaws, and legal setbacks can delay rollouts and increase the time and money spent on bringing a product to market. Product packaging should be the last of the worries. Let us test your products to help determine the best packaging options. Upon completion, view and inspect the packaged items to decide which is preferred.

How it Works?

Many people packaging new or existing products are searching for better ways to present, store, or protect products with packaging materials and/or machines. We ask for people to send products to our location for in-house testing. With a written explanation of what you need, we can offer suggestions to reach your packaging goals. We also welcome scheduled in-person demonstrations.


First, call (1-800-441-5090) or email ( and speak with a salesperson. Please open up communications before sending anything to ensure we can assist with the type of packaging you desire. There are endless packaging varieties, and we can not offer a solution for all packaging needs. During the initial communications, several questions will be asked to ensure the right option is available.

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Second, prepare the items for shipment. Provide instructions explaining what you desire from the testing and contact information for reaching out once testing is complete. With a description of the testing wanted, our sample team will know which machines or products to use. Additionally, include a return label in the package for the product to be returned upon completion.

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Third, we will receive the products and confirm they have arrived in good condition. If machines and materials are already on the showroom floor, testing can be completed within 48 hours of the product's arrival. Testing may take up to 5-10 business days for larger machines or items, not on the floor. Products need to be moved around and uncrated, which takes time to set up. Once the testing is complete, we will provide pictures or videos upon request and an explanation of the packaging machine and material used during testing.

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Lastly, we will prepare the product for shipment using the label sent. If there are multiple options, the material may be written on indicating what the product is. Once the package is picked up from our facility, we will confirm it has been returned. If you have any questions upon inspection, feel free to reach out, and we will try our best to answer.

What does Package Testing Accomplish?

We can help with several areas of packaging. For sample purposes, most companies send flexible packaging requests. Sometimes a machine is unnecessary, but a more substantial material is necessary to better protect a product. Other companies may want to upgrade or purchase an entire system with machines and materials. Below are the standard processes and products we test for in-house. There are several other options available; contact us about unlisted possibilities for testing.


Bag Seal Testing


Bag sealing can be delicate; the sealer must adequately function with the bag being utilized. The type of material and thickness will help determine the correct sealer for the job. There are multiple types and widths of sealers. Packaging with a nitrogen flush or vacuum in an oxygen barrier bag for consumable products reduces spoilage. Productivity levels are another factor that can be determined with bag seal testing. Heavier materials can require longer seal and cool-down times. With the suitable sealer, slowing production is not an option; the wrong sealer can slow production to a snail's pace. Take the steps today to choose the right bag-sealing option for your business.

Package Drop Testing

Shipping packages regularly can present problems outside of your control. Handling after a package leaves the facility can be lackluster. One employee may handle packages carelessly, while the next is not so gentle. Drop testing is the best option for protecting from product loss and disgruntled customers.

Most major online retailers, including Amazon and Wal-Mart, require drop testing. We recommend conducting testing for any products shipped out via parcel shipment to help ensure they will reach the customer intact. Shipping liquids and fragile or heavy items regularly will benefit from a drop test. Let us package your products and perform drop tests to find the best packaging.


Shrink Wrap Testing


Shrink wrapping can bundle multiple products, protect individual products, cover boxes of products for a tamper-evident seal, or provide an extra layer of packaging when shipping items susceptible to leaking.

Shrink wrapping is versatile and used for numerous packaging solutions; it is also affordable with low initial start-up costs. With two to three hundred dollars, someone can begin packaging products professionally. As volume increases, new equipment can speed up production. Send in products for shrink wrap testing. Determine which machines will work best and how your products will look with various shrink films.

Vacuum Packaging Testing

Airtight seals on products when seeking a longer shelf life can be the solution needed. Vacuum packaging will reduce oxygen exposure and is often used for packaging consumable and non-consumable products. Metal parts shipping via ocean freight often benefit from vacuum package testing.

In addition to testing the process of vacuum packaging, we also test materials and machines. Some products have sharp edges, and one puncture will allow oxygen to enter the bag. Oversized products can also be challenging to vacuum seal. Please speak with one of our staff via phone or email and allow us to test your large products. With machine testing, we should be able to determine the perfect vacuum sealer. We also test products for compacting rates and shipping solutions. Vacuum packaging plush products reduces the size and can dramatically lower shipping rates. Allow us to test your products with vacuum packaging to reduce shipping sizes.

Stretch Film Testing


Stretch film pallet wrap can be the last line of defense protecting product shipments. Don't lose products and upset customers with the cheap pallet wrap. Allow us to help with stretch film testing. We offer stretch film testing in several ways. First, reach our sales team via phone or email and tell us your needs. From there, we can send you a sample roll, test your current material, or prepare mock shipments for in-house testing.

Testing the current stretch film used is a great way to understand what to recommend and what samples to offer. Some stretch film can say 80 gauge but be much thinner when tested. Call today and confirm you are getting what you paid for.

Packaging Machine Testing

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