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Stretch Film Dispensers

Manual, hand stretch film dispensers for ergonomic handling and maximum stretch rates are available in different sizes and styles. Shop stretch film cutters, dispensers, and edge protectors for pallet and product wrapping.


Stretch Film Dispenser
Two Handed Manual Stretch Film Dispenser

Built-in Braking System

Nelson Stretch Film Dispenser
Nelson Stretch Film Dispenser

Great For Irregular Sized Loads!

LiteWrapper Stretch Film Dispenser
Litewrapper Stretch Film Dispenser

Made to dispense pre-stretched film!

Blown Hand Stretch Film
Litewrapper Pre-Stretched Stretch Film Refills

LiteWrapper Refill Rolls!

Additional Info
Stretch Film Cutter
Stretch Film Cutter

Pocket Sized Stretch Film Cutter!

Handi Ring Stretch Film Dispensers
Handi Ring Stretch Film Dispenser

Lightweight with Built in Brake!

Stretch Film Protector
Stretch Film Protectors

Protect Stretch Film Rolls!

Litewrapper Coreless Film Dispenser Starter Kit (thumb)
Litewrapper Coreless Film Dispenser Starter Kit

Kit Includes 13 Rolls of Film!


Stretch Film Dispenser Information

A stretch film or stretch wrap dispenser is most often referring to a hand-held tool used to dispense stretch film. The advantage most dispensers offer is the ability to control the film tension during the application process. Most dispensers offer a brake that allows users to adjust film tension.

Stretch film dispensers help to provide tension during the stretch film application as well as make the application process easier and quicker. We offer a variety of dispensers with manual stretch film operations. Our two handed stretch film dispenser and our nelson stretch film dispenser are made to fit a standard 3" core stretch film roll. They also both include a brake system to help adjust tension when applying the stretch film. For a detailed blog post on Nelson stretch film dispensers click here.

The litewrapper stretch film dispenser is a unique dispenser made to be lightweight and offers easy film application. The dispenser itself only weighs approximately 3 pounds! It is designed to be used with a pre stretched roll of stretch film. This pre-stretched film along with a lite weight wrapper makes apply easy and effortless. The litewrapper stretch film dispenser only fits 1" core stretch film. It will not fit a standard 3" core stretch film.

Our plastic handle dispenser for bundling stretch film is a quick add-on item for our 3" core bundling stretch film. Cases of the bundling stretch film come with one plastic dispenser per case. These plastic dispensers offer a braking option when applying the film. They are affordable, easy to use, and a great choice to improve bundling stretch film efficiency.

If you have any questions about our stretch film dispensers, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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