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1.5 Mil Poly Tubing
1.5 mil poly tubing
$37.14 - $225.44
2 Mil Poly Tubing
2 mil poly tubing
$24.72 - $225.44
3 Mil Poly Tubing
3 mil poly tubing
$24.72 - $225.44
4 Mil Poly Tubing
4 mil poly tubing
$24.72 - $225.44
6 Mil Poly Tubing
6 mil poly tubing
$48.43 - $225.44

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Polyethylene Tubing Information

Polyethylene tubing or poly tubing is a versatile plastic wrap on a roll used for a variety of packaging and industrial uses. Polyethylene tubing is often used in place of poly bags because of the ability to form different package lengths. Many companies prefer tubing when wrapping multiple products varying in length. Our poly tubing rolls are not shrink wrap tubing rolls. Click here to view our PVC heat shrink tubing rolls.

The tubing can easily be sealed with an impulse sealer for fast and efficient packaging. We offer 1.5 mil, 2 mil, 3  mil, 4 mil, and 6 mil polyethylene tubing in a variety of widths and lengths. View our gauge to mil conversion chart for more clarification on tubing thickness. All tubing comes on a roll with a 3 inch core, poly tubing dispensers are sold separately.

Custom Tubing Sizes - We can produce poly tubing rolls up to 98 inches wide and 8 mils thick. Average lead times for custom polyethylene tubing rolls are typically 10 - 14 days. Request a quote or call us at 1-800-441-5090 for details and more information.

Tubing Closure - There are a variety of ways to close poly tubing rolls. Companies often use staples, twist ties, or heat sealers to close poly tubing rolls. We recommend using a hand impulse sealer with a cutting blade for sealing poly tubing. The hand impulse sealer with a cutting blade offers a professional seal and the ability to cut off excess tubing after the seal has been made.

We also offer a large selection of shrink tubing to protect and display products. If you have any question feel free to contact us at 1-800-441-5090 or click on the live chat.


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