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Shrink Wrap Systems - Options to Consider

Chat gpt defines shrink wrap systems as a packaging solution used to wrap products or packages with a layer of shrink film. The process involves enclosing the product in a plastic film and then applying heat to shrink the film tightly, creating a sealed and protective covering.

This process is correct. Most people searching for a shrink wrap system want products enclosed within a material. The shrink wrap system is the equipment used to achieve this. In the post, we will cover a few shrink wrap systems that may work for your application and budget.

The shrink wrap system includes a sealer and equipment to help shrink the material. The major factors in price are efficiency and the size of the equipment. Wrapping larger products more efficiently will cost more than packaging smaller products with less speed. View the list below for a few ideas and details.

Impulse Sealer with Shrink Bags and Heat Gun

This easy-to-use shrink system requires users to stick products into a bag and seal one open side with the heat sealer. Heat guns apply heat and shrink the bag around the product.

These are all-in-one systems for shrink-wrapping a large variety of products. It is essential to remember the type of bags that come with the purchase and what products you will be wrapping. Ensure the material is a food-safe shrink wrap if wrapping directly onto food products. It is also crucial to consider the bag size. A shrink wrap sealer will help cut some length to a longer bag, but the bag still needs to be larger than the product to allow room for shrinking. Use the shrink bag calculator on this page to determine the right bag size for your system. Plan on nothing more than 100 to 150 products daily with this option. The most time-consuming aspect is using the heat gun to shrink the bag.

I Bar Sealers

Close to the same functions as an impulse sealer, I bar sealers are used with centerfold shrink film and a heat gun. The sealer is mounted to a platform with a film dispenser, and the centerfold film can be sealed and then rotated to enclose the product within the shrink material. An I-bar shrink wrap system includes a heat gun and a starter roll of film. Some systems offer the option of PVC or polyolefin shrink film. The PVC crinkles much like cellophane, while the polyolefin is softer to the touch and food-safe.

Do not expect large volumes of production with an I-bar seal system. Two seals must be made for each product, and the heat gun requires time to shrink the film. No more than 200 to 250 products per day should be expected with these machines. Excessive use will cause damage and need more parts for repair.

Shrink Chambers – One-Step Machines

For more production with space saving in mind, shrink chambers seal and shrink centerfold shrink materials in one cycle. The product is inserted between the film and placed into the chamber. After the lid is closed, the sealer engages for the set time; then, the heating fan is cycled to heat the film for shrinking. The lid pops up once the shrinking cycle is complete, and the product can be removed.

Shrink chamber systems can accommodate hundreds of products daily. There are essential factors to consider if looking at a shrink chamber. The correct power supply is necessary. There are 220v shrink chamber models and 110v shrink chamber models. Because the lid allows warm air to escape whenever it is opened, the machine requires time to heat back up. Because of the required reheating time, production is not as fast as combo systems with a shrink tunnel.

Shrink Combo Systems

Aside from full auto shrink wrap machines, shrink combo systems are some of the most efficient options. The shrink combo system includes an L-bar sealer to enclose products within a centerfold film and a shrink tunnel to apply heat to the material continuously. The L sealer will also have a magnetic hold that will free up the operator's hands while the seal is being made. Popular models include a takeaway conveyor to transport products from the sealer to the shrink tunnel.

A conveyor transports products through the heated tunnel once products enter the shrink tunnel. The temperature and speed remain the same every time for each product. The end look is consistent and efficient. Because combo systems include the sealer and shrink tunnel inline, they can leave a large footprint and require more space. Combo systems have many options to help increase production and daily output.


Shrink wrap systems will fully enclose and shrink materials around your products for professional packaging to display in stores. They come in a wide range of sizes and production levels. Less productive machines will be all-in-one systems to start shrink wrap packaging. Higher production machines can seal and shrink the material around your products. If you need help determining which system suits your project, contact a professional at 1-800-441-5090 or send products in for packaging testing.


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