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Packing Tape

Clear packing tape is used for box closure during shipping or storage. When paired with a packing tape dispenser or machine, box sealing can be completed within seconds. Two-inch or 48 millimeters are the most common widths in hand and machine tape.

Packing Tape Information

Packaging tape is used around the world for enclosing and securing containers for transport, retail sales, and storage. Packaging tape is made from varied materials using many different adhesives to adhere to containers. The most used packaging tapes are made from polypropylene with an acrylic adhesive and come in either clear or tan colors.

Packaging Tape is an important part of any packaging operation. Companies using boxes, envelopes, or any other containers for packaging normally use tape for sealing. Tapes specifically made for packaging come in a variety of lengths, colors, and widths. They also vary in materials and adhesives they are made from. Below is a brief explanation of the types of tapes we offer and what they are recommended to be used for.

*Scotch 3M 371 - One of the best selling, most versatile tapes in the world. Scotch 3M 371 packing tape comes in 2 inch (48mm) and 3 inch (72mm) widths. both rolls offered online are 110 yards in length. The Scotch 371 tape uses a rubber resin for an adhesive material. Tensile strength is 22 pounds.

Scotch 371 tape is great for a variety of uses. It offers strength and durability for sealing and wrapping packaging containers. Scotch 371 tape also offers great tear and abrasion resistance. Many consider it a premium packing tape chosen for the toughest taping situations.

*Scotch 3M 372 - Offering the same qualities as the Scotch 371 line, Scotch 372 tape is a stronger and thicker tape designed for heavier applications. The Scotch 372 is a 2.2 mil packing tape that offers a 26 pound tensile strength. It is offered in both 2 inch (48mm) and 3 inch (72mm) widths.

*Scotch 3M 375 - One of the strongest packing tapes we offer, Scotch 375 tape is 3.1 mils thick and offers a 35 pound tensile strength. It is offered in both 2 inch (48mm) and 3 inch (72mm) widths, but only comes in a 60 yard (50m) length.

*Tartan 302 & Tartan 305 - Tartan is a 3M brand tape, designed to offer an economical option to the Scotch brand. Tartan packing tape is generally not as strong as the Scotch brand of tape. The Tartan 302 offers a 1.6 mil thickness and a 23 pound tensile strength. The Tartan 305 comes in a 1.8 mil thickness and a 26 pound tensile strength. Both of these tapes are great economical options for a variety of packaging situations.

We also offer a variety of machine tapes designed for high-speed machines, duct tapes, and manual tape dispensers. For large quantity orders, we offer discounts on all tape. Feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090, or click on the contact us page if you have any questions. We have a large variety of tape we offer, that is not sold online. If you have a specific tape you need, call us and we can find it.

Packing Tape Terms

Pressure-sensitive tape - The most common form of tape used for box and carton closure. Consists of a flexible backer on a continuous roll coated on one or both sides with an adhesive. The adhesive will adhere to most surfaces with light pressure.

Gummed Tape - A water-activated tape often with a paper backing that becomes tacky after being moistened.

Packing Tape - Often referring to a pressure-sensitive tape that is applied by hand or machine for carton closure.

Duct Tape - A cloth-backed waterproof adhesive tape used for a variety of industrial and home uses.

Adhesive Transfer Tape - The transmission of an adhesive from tape on a roll to the attached surface.

Abrasion Resistance - The ability of a tape to withstand scuffing, scraping, and rubbing against other surfaces.

Machine Packing Tape - Larger Tape rolls for taping machines commonly in 2-3 inch widths. Many machine tape rolls come on 3-inch cores and are 914 meters long.

Elongation - The distance a tape can stretch lengthways without breaking.

Tensile Strength - The force often measured in pounds to break a piece of tape by pulling each side in opposite directions.

High-Speed Unwind - The practice of dispensing tape at speeds in excess of 15 meters per minute.

Hot Melt Adhesive - A pressure-sensitive adhesive applied in liquid form.

Shock Resistance - The ability of a tape to resist sudden shocks throughout transport. Shocks can be falls, crushing, pulls, and more.

Peel Adhesion - The force required to remove a tape from the surface it has been applied.

Backing Material - The backing material is the material the chosen adhesive is applied to. A variety of backing materials are used in tape manufacturing including films, paper, and foam.

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