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L Bar Sealers

L-bar sealers are compatible with centerfold shrink film and work well with polyolefin, PVC, and polyethylene shrink wrap. The L-bar sealing machine features two sealing bars to deliver efficient, protective sealing that keeps products securely packed in transit and on store shelves.

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1519 L Bar Sealer


1622 L Bar Sealer
1622 L Bar Sealer


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2028 L Bar Sealer


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3040 L Bar Sealer



L Bar Sealer Information

L Bar shrink wrap sealers are great for all types of shrink film. They are an ideal machine for centerfold shrink wrap. Many high output operations use centerfold shrink wrap for wrapping a variety of products across multiple industries. The L Bar sealer is designed to have two sealing sides to efficiently seal and cut centerfold shrink wrap in one motion. L Bar shrink wrap sealers also work with shrink bags and shrink tubing but were specifically designed for centerfold shrink wrap.

Sealing sides on L Bar Sealers

We currently offer multiple L Bar sealers online. They are great for medium to high output operations. Each model of L Bar sealer offers different features such as sealing width, workspace, the ability to adjust the film dispenser, the perforated hole punch, and the film discharge conveyor. View info below about each L Bar sealer.

Portable L Bar sealer -  A lighter weight machine that can fit in a smaller area offered in a 13"x13" seal size. The portable L Bar sealer is an economical shrink wrap system recommended for film up to 100 ga. thick. All 13" portable L Bar sealers are in stock and can ship via UPS within 24 hours of purchasing.

Deluxe L bar shrink wrap sealers - Offered in an 18"x18" and 24"x32"  seal size. This model is a superior tabletop machine for higher output operations. Both sizes feature a: Built in timer, adjustable film dispenser rack, dual perforated hole punchers, film separator, and work table.

Both sizes run on 110V and 1000W. All deluxe L sealers ship via insured freight and can be shipped within 24 hrs of ordering. 

L Bar Sealers w/Discharge Conveyor - Offered in 15"x19" and 16"x22" seal size with a matching shrink tunnel. The L Bar sealers with discharge conveyor feature: Magnetic hold, discharge conveyor, Micro knife sealing blade, film rack, Pinwheel hole punch, durable steel legs, locking casters, adjustable heat control, and adjustable seal timer.

1519 is available in 110v or 220v and 1622 is available in 220v. Both sealers ship via motor freight within 48 hours of purchase. Please call for inventory and shipping quotes.

We offer more L-Bar shrink wrap sealers than shown above for higher speed operations. If you have a specific size of L-Bar shrink wrap sealer you are looking for, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090. One of our sales associates will be happy to assist you.


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