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1519 L Bar Sealer

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The stand-alone 1519 L Bar sealer features micro knife technology, magnetic hold down, and an auto discharge conveyor. The 15"x19" sealing bar can accommodate most products and ensures a clean crisp seal time after time. 

The auto discharge feature transports products from the sealing area into a tunnel or exit bin of choice. The magnetic hold-down increases efficiency, allowing operators to begin the next product while the seal finishes.

The micro knife technology is designed for high production. With proper upkeep, the micro knife will last tens of thousands of seals before needing to be replaced. The wheels and locking casters allow users to easily move the sealer to the desired location and quickly close into place.

The 1519 L Bar sealer can be coupled with our shrink tunnels for increased packaging efficiency. See the machine details below.


* 15"x19" Sealing Bar

* Micro Knife Technology

* Easy Load Film Dispenser

* Work Table

* Magnetic Hold

* Wheels and Locking Casters

* Automatic Film Discharge Conveyor

* 110v Electrical Supply

* 41"x26"x49" Crated Dimensions

* 1 Year Warranty on all non-wearable parts


Order online today or call us at 1-800-441-5090 with questions or freight quote requests! Extended warranties are available for purchase.


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