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Wire Replacement Kits

$10.63 - $141.73
Ships Within: 24 Hours

Wire replacement kits for our hand impulse sealers, I-Bar shrink systems, and some L-Bar shrink systems. I-Bar Wire replacement kits come with a replacement wire and Teflon tape for the top and bottom of the sealer.

The wire replacements kits listed below are to fit machines sold by U.S. Packaging & Wrapping. Any purchases of our replacement kits for machines not sold by us are non-refundable and non-returnable.


Product Details:
SKUProductType of SealerLength of Sealing BarWeightPriceSale PriceQty
AIE-K205H8" Flat Wire Impulse Sealer (3mm)Impulse8"1 LBS $23.62N/A
AIE-K200HR8" Round Wire Impulse SealerImpulse8"1 LBS $14.16N/A
AIE-K300HR12" Round Wire Impulse SealerImpulse12"1 LBS $18.90N/A
AIE-K300H12" Flat Wire Impulse SealerImpulse12"1 LBS $18.90N/A
AIE-SR300H12" Silicone BarImpulse12"1 LBS $15.36N/A
AIE-K2013I13" I-Bar SealerI-Bar13"1 LBS $18.90N/A
AIE-SR1313L13"x13" L-Bar Replacement SiliconeL-Bar13"1 LBS $29.53N/A
AIE-MOVESP18I Bar Moving SpringI-Bar13" & 18"1 LBS $10.63N/A
AIE-SR2013I13" Silicone BarI-Bar13"1 LBS $15.36N/A
AIE-K400P16" Round Wire Impulse SealerImpulse16"1 LBS $21.27N/A
AIE-K2018I18" I-Bar SealerI-Bar18"1 LBS $23.62N/A
AIE-K500HR20" Round Wire Impulse SealerImpulse20"1 LBS $33.07N/A
AV-SBK-2020" Vacuum SealerVacuum20"1 LBS $87.50N/A
AV-E20" Vacuum Sealer Wire OnlyVacuum20"1 LBS $38.60N/A
AIE-K2024I24" I-Bar SealerI-Bar24"1 LBS $28.35N/A
AIE-SR2024I24" I-Bar Replacement SiliconeI-Bar24"1 LBS $34.26N/A
AIE-K2032I32" I-Bar SealerI-Bar32"1 LBS $37.79N/A
AIE-K1313L13"x13" L-Bar SealerL-Bar13"x13"1 LBS $37.79N/A
AIE-K2040I40" I-Bar SealerI-Bar40"1 LBS $47.25N/A
AIE-K1818L18"x18" L-Bar SealerL-Bar18"x18"1 LBS $47.25N/A
AIE-SR1818L18"x18" L-Bar Replacement SiliconeL Bar18" x 18"1 LBS $49.60N/A
AIE-K2432L24"x32" L-Bar SealerL-Bar24"x32"1 LBS $70.87N/A
TL-48-M100048ST Micro KnifeL-Bar12"x18.5"1 LBS $80.32N/A
TL-76-M100076ST Micro KnifeL-Bar22"x16"1 LBS $85.03N/A
TL-15190131519 Micro KnifeL-Bar15"x19"1 LBS $85.03N/A
TL-3440-721622 Micro KnifeL-Bar16"x22"1 LBS $89.26N/A
TL-1350-081/2"x30' Teflon TapeAnyAny1 LBS $59.05N/A
TL-1315-143/4"x30' Teflon TapeAnyAny1 LBS $64.96N/A
TL-23102"x30' Teflon TapeAnyAny1 LBS $69.69N/A
AIE-Post-SetI Bar Post SetI-BarAny1 LBS $24.22N/A
AIE-H-25L Bar Post Set (Right)L-BarAny1 LBS $29.53N/A
AIE-SR2018I18" I-Bar Replacement SiliconeI-Bar18"1 LBS $28.35N/A
AIE-HL-09L Bar Post Set (Left)L-BarAny1 LBS $29.53N/A
TL-76-M3045/5076ST Seal PadTL-76ST SealerTL-76ST Sealer Only1 LBS $28.35N/A
AIE-ER500Food & Meat Wrapping Machine Wire Replacement KitHW500 Food and Meat Wrapper20"1 LBS $22.44N/A
TL-1519-016-0191519 Transit ChannelL-Bar15"x19"1 LBS $141.73N/A
TL-3440-701622 Transit ChannelL-Bar16"x22"1 LBS $141.73N/A
TL-YS01A030548ST Transit ChannelL-Bar15"x19"1 LBS $141.73N/A
TL-76M-3065-102076ST Transit ChannelL-Bar16"x22"1 LBS $141.73N/A
TL-1519-195Pinwheel Sponge PadTL-1519, TL-76ST, TL-48STAny1 LBS $56.70N/A

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