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Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch Wrap Film Information

Stretch Wrap Film- A plastic film used in industrial and commercial applications to stabilize, unitize, protect, identify, and conceal products. Many business owners from most industries across the globe used a stretch wrapping film for one or more of these purposes. Read: What is stretch film used for.

The name "stretch film" derives from the amount of stretch the film offers. The stretchability allows users to pull the film tightly around the products.

Stretch wrap film is made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) a polymer designed to offer puncture and tear resistance. Rising petroleum costs have forced stretch film manufacturers to develop alternative resin mixtures to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Many of the alternatives grew to accomplish the desired goal, reduced costs, and increased efficiencies.

Below are two primary examples and explanations of the alternative films manufacturers are producing. More detailed information about the different varieties of film can are in our Hand Stretch Wrap Differences blog post. We discuss in further detail the different stretch wrap films available.

Equivalent Stretch Wrap Film- Most manufacturers are producing a form of equivalent stretch film. The equivalent stretch wrap is composed of a different resin mixture than traditional gauged film. The diverse resin mixture makes the film thinner, stronger, and stiffer.

The primary drawbacks of equivalent stretch film is tear and puncture resistance. The new equivalent films also not have the same amount of stretch a traditional gauged stretch film will. Because the film is thinner and is composed of a different resin, it is often much more affordable than a conventional gauged film.

Pre Stretch Wrap Film- This is a traditional gauged stretch film stretched up to 90% of maximum stretchability and then placed on a core. Regular stretch film waste often comes from users not reaching the maximum amount of stretchability when applying the film. The pre stretch wrap allows users to reach maximum stretchability easier. Helping to reduce waste and lower costs.

The primary drawbacks of pre stretch film are puncture, tear-resistance, and strength. We recommend a pre stretch wrap film for loads of 1500 lbs. or less. We also do not recommend pre stretch film for any loads with sharp edges.

The mentioned films above are the future of the stretch film industry. They offer savings and waste reduction for users around the world.

Specialty Stretch Wrap Film- We consider specialty stretch film anything other than a standard transparent film. Including colored film and any films with special inhibitors. We also believe any custom film lengths and widths are a specialty stretch film. We offer a large selection of specialty stretch films. Below is a list of different specialty options that can be custom made or are stock items.

Colored Tinted Stretch Wrap Film- We offer and stock a large variety of color-tinted stretch film. Below is a list of colors in stock.

Colored Stretch Wrap Film

Blue - Red - Green - Orange - Yellow - Pink - Purple

The color tinted film is a transparent stretch film. It will not conceal the load being wrapped. It is commonly used for color coding and presentation.

Opaque Stretch Wrap Film- The opaque stretch film is a colored stretch film commonly used to conceal loads. Helping to prevent theft and UV intrusion. Below are the colors offered for opaque stretch film.

Black - White

UVI Stretch Wrap Film- This is an inhibitor added to the stretch film of choice to protect the film from the break down in UV light. An excellent option for any company storing and transporting products outdoors. Additional additives are custom made products that are not in stock. Lead times are approximately 2-3 weeks. One minimum pallet order is required for this product.

Tinted vs. Opaque Stretch Film

Custom Printed Stretch Wrap Film- Our logo film is a custom ordered film printed with graphics of the customer's choice. We have up to a three color option for logos and other prints. Most logo stretch film is printed on white opaque stretch film. The white film helps to make the logo stand out more. There is a one pallet minimum for printed stretch film.

Anti Static Stretch Wrap Film- This is a stock item offered in a variety of sizes. Great for wrapping electronics or any flammable products or products sensitive to static electricity. 



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