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Machine Stretch Film

$92.26 - $137.86
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Our machine stretch film offers excellent stretch. This film also features improved load holding, excellent clarity, and tear resistance. Made and designed to handle demanding wrapping applications.

The five-layer cast construction offers users the opportunity to downsize in thickness while still having the same load stability. We offer competitive prices on automatic stretch film machines that allow you to apply the stretch film with maximum efficiency. Visit our stretch film reference library to learn more about stretch film and stretch film machines.

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SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WP-WMF7520x5000 75 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x5000'7511 Roll30 LBS $92.26N/A
WP-WMF8020x5000 80 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x5000'8011 Roll32 LBS $97.86N/A
WP-WMF8620x6000 80 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x6000'8011 Roll39 LBS $117.94N/A
WP-WMF9520x5000 90 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x5000'9011 Roll36 LBS $110.99N/A
WP-WMF0020x5000 100 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x5000'10011 Roll40 LBS $113.66N/A
WP-WMF1520x4000 115 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x4000'11511 Case37 LBS $114.49N/A
WP-WMF1320x3350 135 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x3350'13511 Case37 LBS $104.05N/A
WP-WMF4020x3000 140 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x3000'14011 Roll35 LBS $101.82N/A
WP-WMF3020x3000 150 Ga. Machine Stretch Film20"x3000'15011 Case36 LBS $104.28N/A
WP-WMF3530x5000 80 Ga. Machine Stretch Film30"x5000'8011 Case48 LBS $137.86N/A

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