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Biodegradable Machine Stretch Film

$71.42 - $85.71

Biodegradable machine stretch film features excellent memory and stretch rates to wrap heavy shipments. This machine biodegradable film is made with traditional petroleum-based LLDPE resins with a special additive to break the material down if exposed to outdoor elements.

Once in outdoor elements, the film begins an irreversible breakdown process. The complete biodegrading process can vary depending on the conditions, but carbon and biomass are left behind upon completion.

The 80-gauge biodegradable machine stretch film is comparable to our standard gauged machine stretch film. Top-of-the-line stretch, hold retention, and puncture resistance. The 63 gauge biodegradable machine is equal to our performance machine film—an excellent option for pallets up to 2200 lbs with no sharp corners or edges.

Pallet orders ship free; there are 40 rolls per pallet of the 80 ga film and 50 rolls per pallet of the 63 ga film. Both options run excellently on a machine with a pre-stretched head and increased tension.

Biodegradable Machine Stretch Film Features:

*Standard 3” Core

*Up to a 250% Stretch Rate

*Cast Rolls with Quiet Unwind

*Oxy-Biodegradable When Exposed to the Environment

*Stable Storage Life

*Pallet Quantities Ship Free

*Made in the USA

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SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WT-PMF2063A-WT-BIO20x5000 63 Ga. Biodegradable Machine Stretch Film20"x5000'6311 Roll27 LBS $71.42N/A
WT-CMF2080A-BIO20x5000 80 Ga. Biodegradable Machine Stretch Film20"x5000'8011 Roll34 LBS $85.71N/A
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