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Constant Heat Bag Sealer

$317.16 - $693.36
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Constant heat bag sealers are made for heavy duty sealing with wide seals to close bags in excess of 12 mils. Constant heat sealers always have the heat running to the sealing bar. The sealing bars become extremely hot to the touch.

Often referred to as jaw sealers or heavy-duty bag sealers, constant heat sealers are perfect for sealing many different materials. Common materials used with constant heat sealers are polypropylene, polyethylene, foil pouches, Kraft bags, Cellophane, Mylar and poly woven bags.

All constant heat sealers listed below have serrated sealing bars. The serrations help to seal thicker materials. Horizontal serrated edges can be found at the top of ship bags. Vertical serrated edges are used in candy and confections.

With the proper heat settings, seals take seconds to make. The proper temperature setting is important and should be based on the type of material and thickness of the material being sealed. Thinner 2 – 4 mil thick bags require less heat and can be sealed as fast as the sealer can be closed and opened.

All sealers sizes feature:
* Adjustable Temperature range of 100 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit
* Serrated Sealing Jaws
* Table Mounting with foot pedal
* 115 Volts, 5 Amps, 600 watts
* Jaw sizes up to 24 inches
* Optional Aluminum Sealer Stand 10" W x 36" H x 18" L

All sizes and seal options listed below are tabletop models. The last option is the aluminum upright stand. All stands should be lag bolted to the floor upon arrival. Call 1-800-441-5090 for questions and quote requests!

Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductMax Seal LengthMax Seal ThicknessSeal WidthSealing JawWeightPriceSale PriceQty
HS-C-88" Constant Foot Sealer (Flat Seal)8"8 Mil1"Flat10 LBS $449.12N/A
HS-CH-88" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)8"12 Mil1"Horizontal Serrated10 LBS $456.07N/A
HS-CV-88" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)8"12 Mil1"Vertical Serrated 10 LBS $456.07N/A
HS-C-1212" Constant Foot Sealer (Flat Seal)12"8 Mil1"Flat12 LBS $495.42N/A
HS-CH-1212" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)12"12 Mil1"Horizontal Serrated12 LBS $511.62N/A
HS-CV-1212" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)12"12 Mil1"Vertical Serrated12 LBS $511.62N/A
HS-C-1616" Constant Foot Sealer (Flat Seal)16"8 Mil1"Flat16 LBS $563.71N/A
HS-CH-1616" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)16"12 Mil1"Horizontal Serrated16 LBS $576.45N/A
HS-CV-1616" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)16"12 Mil1"Vertical Serrated16 LBS $576.45N/A
HS-C-2424" Constant Foot Sealer (Flat Seal)24"8 Mil1"Flat24 LBS $675.99N/A
HS-CH-2424" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)24"12 Mil1"Horizontal Serrated24 LBS $693.36N/A
HS-CV-2424" Constant Foot Sealer (Serrated Seal)24"12 Mil1"Vertical Serrated24 LBS $693.36N/A
HS-MD-4Aluminum Sealer StandAnyN/AN/AAny20 LBS $317.16N/A

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