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Anti Static Bags

$30.66 - $288.71
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Anti static bags are an excellent way to protect static sensitive products from electrostatic discharge. All of our anti static bags can be heat sealed for a full enclosure. Anti static bags are available in 2 and 4 mil thicknesses. Bag widths range from 3 inches wide up to 36 inches wide. View our reclosable anti static bags for a customer-friendly packaging option.

All anti static bags meet ESD Association requirements and Military spec requirements. See Below.

Key Features:

*Heat Sealable

*Made From Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene

*Anti-Static Additive

*Printing Available

*Bottom Seal Construction

MIL-PRF-81705E- This specification establishes the requirements for heat-sealable, electrostatic discharge protective, flexible barrier materials used for the military packaging of microcircuits, sensitive semiconductor devices, sensitive resistors, and associated higher assemblies. In addition, the type 1 materials provide for water vapor proof protection and attenuation of electromagnetic interference effects.


Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWxLThicknessQty./CaseWeightPriceSale PriceQty
LD-120053x5 Anti Static Bags3"x 5"2 MIL10003 LBS $30.66N/A
LD-121003x5 Anti Static Bags3"x 5"4 MIL10005 LBS $51.94N/A
LD-120104x6 Anti Static Bags4"x 6"2 MIL10004 LBS $39.54N/A
LD-121104x6 Anti Static Bags4"x 6"4 MIL10007 LBS $74.45N/A
LD-121205x7 Anti Static Bags5"x 7"4 MIL100010 LBS $88.40N/A
LD-121255x8 Anti Static Bags5"x 8"4 MIL100011 LBS $95.53N/A
LD-120206x8 Anti Static Bags6"x 8"2 MIL10007 LBS $62.04N/A
LD-121306x8 Anti Static Bags6"x 8"4 MIL100013 LBS $103.12N/A
LD-121356x9 Anti Static Bags6"x 9"4 MIL100015 LBS $109.43N/A
LD-120256x10 Anti Static Bags6"x 10"2 MIL10008 LBS $71.67N/A
LD-121406x10 Anti Static Bags6"x 10"4 MIL100016 LBS $118.09N/A
LD-121456x12 Anti Static Bags6"x 12"4 MIL100020 LBS $140.83N/A
LD-120308x10 Anti Static Bags8"x 10"2 MIL100011 LBS $90.70N/A
LD-121508x10 Anti Static Bags8"x 10"4 MIL100022 LBS $151.66N/A
LD-120359x12 Anti Static Bags9" x 12"2 MIL100015 LBS $115.02N/A
LD-121609x12 Anti Static Bags9"x 12"4 MIL100030 LBS $202.18N/A
LD-1216510x12 Anti Static Bags10"X 12"4 MIL100033 LBS $229.15N/A
LD-1217010x14 Anti Static Bags10"X 14"4 MIL100038 LBS $264.18N/A
LD-1204010x16 Anti Static Bags10"x16"2 MIL100022 LBS $162.15N/A
LD-1217210x16 Anti Static Bags10"X 16"4 MIL100044 LBS $288.71N/A
LD-1217412x12 Anti Static Bags12"X 12"4 MIL100040 LBS $269.52N/A
LD-1204512x15 Anti Static Bags12"x 15"2 MIL100025 LBS $171.90N/A
LD-1217512x15 Anti Static Bags12"X15"4 MIL50025 LBS $148.95N/A
LD-1205012x18 Anti Static Bags12"x 18"2 MIL100030 LBS $206.07N/A
LD-1218512x18 Anti Static Bags12"X 18"4 MIL50030 LBS $180.39N/A
LD-1219012x24 Anti Static Bags12"X 24"4 MIL50039 LBS $240.56N/A
LD-1219514x18 Anti Static Bags14"X 18"4 MIL50035 LBS $202.90N/A
LD-1219716x16 Anti Static Bags16"X 16"4 MIL50035 LBS $213.80N/A
LD-1220016x18 Anti Static Bags16"X 18"4 MIL50040 LBS $231.99N/A
LD-1220216x20 Anti Static Bags16"X 20"4 MIL50044 LBS $265.20N/A
LD-1205518x24 Anti Static Bags18"x 24"2 MIL50030 LBS $180.09N/A
LD-1221018x24 Anti Static Bags18"X 24"4 MIL25030 LBS $167.53N/A
LD-1221520x24 Anti Static Bags20"X 24"4 MIL25033 LBS $186.11N/A
LD-1222024X30 Anti Static Bags24"X 30"4 MIL25049 LBS $277.43N/A
LD-1222524X36 Anti Static Bags24"X 36"4 MIL10024 LBS $133.99N/A
LD-1206024x36 Anti Static Bags24"x 36"2 MIL25030 LBS $180.09N/A
LD-1223036X36 Anti Static Bags36"X 36"4 MIL10036 LBS $185.52N/A
LD-1223536X42 Anti Static Bags36"X 42"4 MIL10042 LBS $216.44N/A
LD-1224036X48 Anti Static Bags36"X 48"4 MIL5024 LBS $123.76N/A

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