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Hand Impulse Sealers (Flat Wire)

$66.15 - $388.50
Ships Within: 24 Hours
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Flat wire sealers can be used with many different materials. A flat wire sealer produces a wider seal than round wire sealers. Wider seals can be used with heavier products and thicker materials. All of our flat wire sealers are made for durability.

Each sealer requires a 110V power supply. All new sealers come with a replacement sealing wire. All parts and machines are in stock!

Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductMax Seal LengthSeal WidthWattsWeightPriceSale PriceQty
AIE-100T4" Impulse Sealer4"2 mm2008 LBS $66.15N/A
AIE-2008" Impulse Sealer8"2 mm30010 LBS $94.50N/A
AIE-2058" Impulse Sealer8"5 mm30010 LBS $154.35N/A
AIE-30012" Impulse Sealer12"2 mm50015 LBS $150.15N/A
AIE-30512" Impulse Sealer12"5 mm50015 LBS $196.35N/A
AIE-400P16" Impulse Sealer16"2 mm70020 LBS $195.30N/A
AIE-40516" Impulse Sealer16"5 mm70020 LBS $252.00N/A
AIE-50020" Impulse Sealer20"2 mm80024 LBS $274.05N/A
AIE-50520" Impulse Sealer20"5 mm80024 LBS $354.90N/A
AIE-600T224" Impulse Sealer 24"2 mm80030 LBS $297.15N/A
AIE-800T232" Impulse Sealer 32"2 mm100035 LBS $341.25N/A
AIE-1000T240" Impulse Sealer 40"2 mm120042 LBS $388.50N/A

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