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Hand Impulse Sealers (Flat Wire)

$82.25 - $483.00
Ships Within: 24 Hours

Flat wire sealers can be used with many different materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, co-extruded films, and more. A flat wire sealer produces wider seals than round wire sealers. Wider seals can be used with heavier products and thicker materials up to an 8 mil thickness. All flat wire sealers are made for making multiple seals daily. With proper maintenance, flat wire sealers will last years.

As operators close the top sealing arm, an impulse of heat is sent to heat the material being sealed. Once the seal light shuts off, the sealing arm can be raised and the material removed. After making the first seal, attempt to pull the seal seam apart. If the seal easily pulls apart the seal time should be increased until the sealed seam holds.

Features Include:

* Adjustable Seal Timer
* 110V Power Supply
* Replacement Wire Kit
* Two Seal Widths Available
* Parts and Phone Support Included with Purchase

For more information on flat wire impulse sealers and which would work for your application call 1-800-441-5090 to inquire more.


Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductMax Seal LengthSeal WidthWattsWeightPriceSale PriceQty
AIE-100T4" Impulse Sealer4"2 mm2008 LBS $82.25N/A
AIE-2008" Impulse Sealer8"2 mm30010 LBS $117.48N/A
AIE-2058" Impulse Sealer8"5 mm30010 LBS $191.90N/A
AIE-30012" Impulse Sealer12"2 mm50015 LBS $186.68N/A
AIE-30512" Impulse Sealer12"5 mm50015 LBS $244.11N/A
AIE-400P16" Impulse Sealer16"2 mm70020 LBS $242.80N/A
AIE-40516" Impulse Sealer16"5 mm70020 LBS $313.30N/A
AIE-50020" Impulse Sealer20"2 mm80024 LBS $340.71N/A
AIE-50520" Impulse Sealer20"5 mm80024 LBS $441.24N/A
AIE-600T224" Impulse Sealer 24"2 mm80030 LBS $369.45N/A
AIE-800T232" Impulse Sealer 32"2 mm100035 LBS $424.27N/A
AIE-1000T240" Impulse Sealer 40"2 mm120042 LBS $483.00N/A

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