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Hand Stretch Film (3" Core)

$69.78 - $116.25
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases

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Superior Cast hand pallet wrap at a great price. We offer a wide variety of stretch film dispensers at great prices to assist you in applying this product.

All of our pallet wrap offers quiet unwind, low haze, and great tear resistance. This true gauged hand stretch film is more expensive than equivalent stretch film but offers the best tear resistance available. All rolls of true gauged hand stretch film are made to obtain maximum performance.

For best prices and reduced shipping costs, we encourage customers to ask for quotes on 10 or more cases. That enables the ability to ship via motor freight and reduce overall shipping costs.

Please visit our stretch film reference library to view more information about the film we offer. For technical data, click on the link.

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Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WP-PSF0112x1500 80 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap12"x1500'8041 Case23 LBS$69.78$62.50
WP-PSF1612x1500 90 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap 12"x1500'9041 Case25 LBS $74.16N/A
WP-PSF0515x2000 60 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap15"x2000'6041 Case29 LBS $84.70N/A
WP-PSF1015x1500 70 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap15"x1500'7041 Case26 LBS $70.57N/A
WP-PSF0215x1500 80 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap15"x1500'8041 Case29 LBS $84.64N/A
WP-PSF2215x1500 90 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap15"x1500'9041 Case33 LBS $97.46N/A
WP-PSF0618x2000 60 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap18"x2000'6041 Case35 LBS $85.39N/A
WP-PSF1118x1500 70 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap18"x1500'7041 Case31 LBS $83.43N/A
WP-PSF0318x1500 80 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap18"x1500'8041 Case35 LBS $102.96N/A
WP-PSF1718x1500 90 Ga. Hand Pallet Wrap18"x1500'9041 Case39 LBS $116.25N/A
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