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Micron Hand Stretch Film (3" Core)

$57.71 - $102.17
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Eco-Wrap micron hand cast stretch wrap offers the benefits of durable stretch film at an affordable price. Along with affordability, Eco-Wrap micron hand stretch film allows users to downgrade in film thickness and still maintain superior load tension.

Eco-Wrap micron stretch wrap is made from a metallocene technology using linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). This formula helps to produce a stiffer, stronger stretch film that results in less waste and cost savings for stretch film users.

The gauge to micron conversion is stated below:

1 Gauge=.254 Micron

If you commonly use a 80 gauge cast stretch wrap, a 19 micron hand stretch film will be adequate for your application. There is also a possibility of downgauging to a 16 micron film depending on the pallet loads being wrapped. Visit our homepage for more information and products.

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SKUProductWidthxLengthxMicronComparable GaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WP-ECO0612x2000 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap12"x2000'x13 Micron5541 Case19.6 LBS $61.28N/A
WP-ECO0415x2000 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap15"x2000'x13 Micron5541 Case24.48 LBS $74.62N/A
WP-ECO0218x2000 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap18"x2000'x13 Micron5541 Case29.36 LBS $91.93N/A
WP-ECO0512x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap12"x1500'x16 Micron6541 Case18.44 LBS $57.71N/A
WP-ECO0315x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap15"x1500'x16 Micron6541 Case23.04 LBS $72.09N/A
WP-ECOPL16x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap16"x1500'x16 Micron6541 Case24.56 LBS $76.62N/A
WP-ECO0118x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap18"x1500'x16 Micron6541 Case27.64 LBS $86.50N/A
WP-ECO2312x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap12"x1500'x19 Micron8041 Case21.88 LBS $68.48N/A
WP-ECO1515x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap15"x1500'x19 Micron8041 Case27.36 LBS $85.69N/A
WP-ECO1618x1500 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap18"x1500'x19 Micron8041 Case32.84 LBS $94.56N/A
WP-ECO2015x1000 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap15"x1000'x29 Micron11541 Case27.36 LBS $89.22N/A
WP-ECO2118x1000 Micron Cast Stretch Wrap18"x1000'x29 Micron11541 Case32.84 LBS $102.17N/A
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